Lastolite TriGrip 75cm (30") (Sunlite/Soft Silver)

Lastolite TriGrip 75cm (30") (Sunlite/Soft Silver)


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Lastolite TriGrip 75cm (30") (Sunlite/Soft Silver)

The Lastolite TriGrip reflectors feature a moulded handle complete with securing strap, allowing even more accurate positioning of the reflector with one hand, which means that light can be directed to all those awkward areas e.g. under the chin and eyes, without the need for stands or supports. The securing straps also allow you to support the reflector without actually gripping the handle, reducing the pressure on your wrist and fingers when held for prolonged periods. This is the standard (75cm) Sunlite/Soft Silver version. It collapses down to just 30cm and is supplied with its own carry bag. The TriGrip is available in 3 sizes Mini (45cm), Standard (75cm) and Large (120cm) and 4 colour variations plus 2 diffusers.  
Colour Sunlite/Soft Silver
Size 75cm
Weight (g) 600
Lastolite TriGrip 75cm (30") (Sunlite/Soft Silver)

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