Lastolite Reflector 30cm (12") (Silver/White)

Lastolite Reflector 30cm (12") (Silver/White)


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Lastolite Reflector 30cm (12") (Silver/White)

The Lastolite 30cm (12") Reflector is ideal for close up or small product shots and as a handy sized reflector for any gadget bag. Available in a choice of six reversible colours (Sunfire/White, Silver/White, Silver/Gold, Sunfire/Silver, Gold/White and Sunlite/Soft Silver) this reflector collapses down to just one third of its original size. White will retain natural colours whilst removing unwanted shadows and the Silver will perform the same role whilst giving an increase in contrast.
Type Collapsible Reversible Reflector
For use with Studio Lighting / Daylight
Colour Silver/White
Size 30cm
Weight (g) 100
Lastolite Reflector 30cm (12") (Silver/White)

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