Konova 100cm K5 Slider
Konova 100cm K5 Slider

Konova 100cm K5 Slider


SSK # KNV-K5-100

Shopping Point 8.400 = RM8.40

Stable and smooth shots are one of the basic elements of the art of filmmaking.Konova 100cm K5 Slider provides this stability and smoothness in a high-quality, compact design.
The K5 Slider is the prefect instrument for both personal & professional applications: it is compatible with both DSLRs and camcorders, allowing you to take both video and photos. The K5 features a full-metal rail, with carbon steel bearings and rods. It also features a 3/8" chrome-plated male head on the slide block which fits numerous heads (including the Manfrotto 501, 503, 055, and 701). It has three pairs of 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch holes in the base for mounting.

Features :  

Compatibility - The slider can either be mounted close to the ground attached to the included legs, or in various combinations on tripods.
Functionality - The Konova K5 Slider includes two oil seals to prevent dust buildup and to protect the rail. These rubber seals guarantee precise motion and a long lifespan in dusty environments.
Ruler - The Konova K5 Slider has a ruler stenciled right on the slider rail. This enables you to measure accurate shot distance done to the millimetre.
Bubble Level - Konova has embedded bubble levels on the slider to assist in making your shots stable and more accurate. Unlike other sliders which include only one level in the centre, the K5 has a level on either end, allowing you to level each end - indispensable when mounting the slider on two tripods.

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Konova 100cm K5 Slider
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Konova 100cm K5 Slider