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Kiwifotos Lens Adapter For FUJIFILM Cameras (58mm & 72mm)
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The unique KIWIFOTOS LA-58S2600T Lens Adapter is a two piece adapter (back component & front component) made of black anodized aluminium. The lens adapter provides both 58mm and 72mm filter mount for adding effects filters or other lens accessories to the FUJIFILM FinePix Camera.

Compatible with FUJIFILM FinePix Camera:





Use the back component of the lens adapter for wide angle and add a 58mm filter for improving picture quality.

Use the front component to add a 72mm filter for macro/close up shooting and protect your camera lens when the lens is extended.

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for Fujifilm S1600/S1700/S1730/S1770/S1800/S1850/S1880/S2500HD/S2550HD/S2600HD/S2700HD/S2800HD/S2900HD/S2950/S2990/S2980
Kiwifotos Lens Adapter For FUJIFILM S1600/S1700/S1730/S1770/S1800/S1850/S1880/S2500HD/S2550HD/S2600HD/S2700HD/S2800HD/S2900HD/S2950/S2990/S2980 (58mm & 72mm)

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