Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)
Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)

Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)



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Key Features

  • Holds DSLR, 70-200,3 Lenses,15.4" Laptop
  • Ultra Compact Design for a Backpack
  • Made from Ripstop/Standard Nylon
  • Aeriform Foam Interior/Tripod Holder
  • Insertrolley Compatible
  • Modi-Vers Compatible/Foam Encased Spine
  • Accepts EPH Optional Add-on Bags
  • Adjustable, Hi-Tech Harness System
  • Rear Expansion Pocket for Jacket, Books
  • Rain Guard

The black KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL; Backpack from Kata holds a ton of gear in a relatively small package. This is a tough bag meant to, on one hand, be compact, while on the other, enable you to carry enough gear to get your through just about any job you can imagine. It's rated to hold gear such as a Canon EOS 1 MARK III, with a 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM, Canon Speedlite 550EX, 3 additional lenses such as Canon 100mm Macro, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM, Canon 50mm, battery charger and up to a 15.4" (39.1 cm) laptop plus a variety of personal gear.

Made from tough ripstop and standard nylon, and supported by a foam covered spine for maximum shock protection, this bag features a comfortable and uniquely designed Gecko Harness that is both ergonomic in design and textured to provide a special "feel" while worn. Kata understands that schlepping gear around can be tedious and they have made this pack to be especially user-friendly when it comes to humping loads from A-B. It even comes with a tripod holder that permits you to attach your pod to the appropriate loops on the back of the pack while the legs go into an included sling area.    

As for your gear, your 15.4" (39.1 cm) laptop is secured within its own padded compartment and is readily accessible when needed. The equipment is nested within movable, padded dividers and can also work in conjunction with Kata's optional Modi-Vers system of dividers that allows you to custom cut your dividers to suit specific needs. The dividers are yellow and make locating gear easier in low light.

Kata's internal Aeriform Foam is a perforated, laminated and reinforced foam system that pads the pack and adds another level of protection. Accessing your gear is achieved via several means. The front zippered compartment reveals the entire contents or by using the top zipper, remove only your camera that is stashed with lens facing down. If that isn't enough, there are side access pockets that work well when you sling the pack over one shoulder. Unzip, grab your camera, shoot, replace and you're off to your next shot. Ultimately, all these options permit you to organize your gear in a way that makes it most useful to you and that suits your shooting style.

The rear of the pack contains another unique feature. It's expandable and can be used to stash a jacket, books, maps, lunch or items you might not ordinarily take along. It also gives you the freedom to pack items that you pick up along the way.

An elements cover serves multiple purposes as well. The gray side is for sun protection while the black side protects against the rain. In either case, it can be rapidly deployed to protect your gear from inclement weather - and anyone who spends a fair amount of time outside knows that the weather can change quickly. The elements cover leaves you prepared for the worst. This is not a pack for the faint of heart since it is meant for heavy- duty shooters who carry a host of equipment and need a bag that meets the demands of pros who don't have time to waste on inferior equipment.

Tripod Holder
The Kata tripod holder allows you never to leave your tripod behind. Simply attach to the designated loops on the bag and put two legs of the tripod in the sling to comfortably carry your tripod along with you
Laptop Compartment
This bag features a padded laptop compartment which will allow you to always have your computer at hand and easily accessible
Insertrolley Compatible
This bag is compatible with the optional Kata Insertrolley (KT VG-DTS) - a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to carry the case, or even several cases at once, on a trolley. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on any of Kata's compatible cases for secure and easy mobility. Even for larger cases - Kata's extendable wheel system helps to better stabilization. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it, or for maintenance
Modi-Vers Compatible
This bag is customizable through the use of the optional Modi-Vers divider system (KT VG-MDK). This allows you to fully customize your bag to protect and fit your gear. You can cut custom dividers to fit whatever size you need to keep your equipment snug. The yellow material makes it easy to find even the smallest components and accessories
EPH System Compatible
This bag is compatible with the Kata Ergonomic Photo system which will allow you to connect additional bags for extra carrying possibilities. You can add backpacks, torso packs or waist packs to any of your Kata EPH system compatible bags
Gecko Harness
Kata's patent pending Gecko Harness System was developed to provide outstanding ergonomic compatibility and a perfect fit to your back and body. The innovative 3D injection design and micro-hatched texture secure the harness on your back at the right angle to allow a better shooting experience
Spine Guard
Specially formed foam encasing a spring steel spine will protect your gear by absorbing shock impact
Rain Cover
The provided rain cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions
Aeriform Foam
For unique combination of light weight and protective material, Kata developed the Aeriform Foam. It's a perforated, laminated and reinforced foam of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and EPE (polyethylene) materials. The result is a super-light foam that keeps your gear protected
Carry-On Form Factor
FAA and airline carry-on specifications are subject to change without notice, please check with your airline before designating this case as a carry-on item. Most airlines require carry-on items to have an external linear measurement that is equal to or less than 45.0" (114.3 cm). The external dimensions of this case add up to 40.9" (103.9 cm)
Material Ripstop and standard nylon
Type of Closure Zippers
Exterior Dimensions 10.6 x 17.3 x 13.0" (26.9 x 43.9 x 33.0 cm)
Interior Dimensions 6.7 x 15.75 x 11.4" (17.0 x 40.0 x 29.0 cm)
Laptop compartment: 1.4 x 15.75 x 11.4" (3.6 x 40.0 x 29.0 cm)
Tripod Holder Yes
Waist Belt Yes
Carrying/Transport Options Gecko Harness - Specially textured strap material is super comfortable
Weight Max: 3.7 lb (1.7 kg)
Min: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)
Max refers to the bag with dividers
Min refers to the bag without dividers
Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)

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Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Kata KT PL-MTP-120 MultiPro-120 PL Backpack (Black)

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