Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case Shoulder Bag
Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case Shoulder Bag

Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case Shoulder Bag



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The Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case is a multi-purpose Photo-Video Shoulder Bag. For video it is designed for small DV camcorders with laptop and accessories. The case carries camcorders such as Sony PD-170, Panasonic DVX100A, JVC GY-DV300, Canon GL-2 and similar sized models combined with a laptop, professional and personal accessories. For photo it is designed to carry 1-2 SLR camera bodies with lenses attached, additional lenses, flash and accessories or a Medium

Format camera body, lenses and accessories. Both the video & photo configurations will also carry a laptop computer a compartment on the back of the case. The MC-61 is protected by the TST system and the well padded sides of the bag. It has multiple and ergonomically designed carrying possibilities with the BSS "B" shaped shoulder strap, the click handle and the optional Insertrolley wheel set.


  • Patented Click interlocking handles have been designed and field-tested for sure grip and optimal comfort using ergonomically shaped thermo-rubber pads.
  • Filter sleeve connector is a uniquely designed strap-connector that allows you to secure as many Kata Filter Sleeves as necessary in your case.
  • Padded 3D air-mesh pockets for flat items like filters.
  • Case has 6 openings that allow separate access to camera, laptop and accessories.
  • The Modi-Vers System allows you to create compartments that meet your requirements. The divider can be cut with scissors to any desired size. You can attach the newly cut divider to another divider or the walls of the bag with a special Touch Fastener connector.
  • The interior of the bag is made of a loop fabric called Yelloop to which you can attach the Modi-Vers dividers. It's a bright yellow, so that the contents can be viewed with ease.
  • TST (Thermo-Shield-Technology) protects the digital equipment while creating an extremely light product. The outer surface of the TST is thermo-formed in a protective "riibshape" construction. It is a double cord, water and dust proof, high tenacity and abrasion-resistance fabric. Underneath is a cross-linked, closed cell PE+EVA shield that provides insulation from cold, heat and moisture as well protection from impact and shock.
  • The available Insertrolley attaches by sliding the trolley through the sleeve and provides 4 extendable wheels for better stabilization and easy mobility.
  • BSS B shaped shoulder strap.


  • Inside: (LxWxH) 49 x 21 x 27cm
  • Outside: (LxWxH) 51 x 31 x 32cm
  • Weight: 2.54kg


  • 5 Years or Lifetime Kata Official Warranty (Register at Kata website to qualify for lifetime warranty)


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Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case Shoulder Bag
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Kata MC-61 GDC Multi Case Shoulder Bag

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