Jobu Design Black Widow Gimbal - Professional
Jobu Design Black Widow Gimbal - Professional

Jobu Design Black Widow Gimbal - Professional

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Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
One Year Jobu Design Warranty

Shopping Point 13.625 = RM13.63

Don't settle for a copy of somebody else's gimbal head.  The New BWG-Pro is all original in design with an uncompromising finish level in every aspect. We have engineered this gimbal head from the ground up, no details were skipped or deemed insignificant.


  1. OVER-SIZED, one-piece, cast and heat-treated construction. Incredible stiffness and rigidity. Absolutely cannot be compared to any other gimbal head in terms of stiffness.
  2. Full ball bearing support in tilt-axis for ZERO static/dynamic friction. 100% smooth movement.
  3. Newly redesigned and stiffened horizontal mount swing-arm for better control. Spring loaded movement for increased control.
  4. Soft-touch rubberized knobs for better use with bare or gloved hands, especially when wet (similar to our Jr.2 knobs).
  5. Newly designed low-profile lockout switch (locks tilt movement for travel). Cannot break off, and easily replaceable if ever necessary.
  6. Minimal weight penalty over current BWG-HD, current build weight is 3.5lbs.
  7. MSRP $599US (approx $699CDN at your local retailers)

Recomended lenses: from 70-200mm F2.8, to 800mm primes and zooms.

We recommend the new BWG-Pro to anyone looking for the ultimate performance in the field.


Is it overkill for my lens? - For most F4 pro-sumer sized lenses, it is not necessary to have this level of stiffness due to the minimal weight of the lenses. However, a lens like the Nikon 200-400 F4 is actually 7lbs without a camera, so we would recommend it in this case.

Is the BWG-Pro bigger and harder to pack? The BWG-Pro is only slightly heavier than our current BWG-HD model and is the same overall dimensions (LxWxH).

Why do you not use ball bearings in the panning axis? We have analyzed several different solutions to the panning axis and we found most users prefer the solid locking capability incorporated into the delrin bushing. The friction level in the delrin base bushing is still very low and allows 100% lockout to prevent rotation of the unit when carried over your shoulder. Please note this is NOT a cheap solution in the design, as the design and implementation of the delrin bushing is far more expensive than a pair of ball bearings.

Will the BWG-Pro bearings rust? All of our bearings are double sealed and grease impregnated. We do not anticipate any chance of corrosion for the life of the product.

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Jobu Design Black Widow Gimbal - Professional
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Jobu Design Black Widow Gimbal - Professional