Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger
Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger

Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger



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Capture your exact location and record ancillary information like points of interest, the country, city, and longitude/latitude with the Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger. This handy device is not only a necessary tool for Internet sharing of your photos, but it also provides the means with which to search, sort, and organize all your pictures by country, city, and street, using the included software. The photoGPS 4 features enhanced capacity over past models, with room to store up to 4,000 locations!

The photoGPS 4 fits into your DSLRs hot shoe and is powered via USB. Supported file formats of JPEG and RAW (with XMP sidecar file), a 6.5' window of accuracy, and a 3-year license to Tele Atlas maps are just a few of the highlights of this convenient accessory. Other features include 2 status LEDs, USB connection to compatible Windows and Mac computers, and the Jobo GeoHint button for indoor use.

Stores GPS Data and Real Address Information for Every Picture
  • Capture geo-data on site with the Jobo photoGPS for up to 4,000 locations
  • Automatically combine GPS and location data with pictures (using included matching software)
  • Search, sort and organize all pictures according to country, city, street (using included organizer software)
Simple Geo-Data and Real Address Capture
Mount the JOBO photoGPS on your camera's hot-shoe and capture the geo-data of each picture by the click of your camera. Coordinate the geo-data and your pictures on the PC or laptop, using the supplied software. In addition to the longitude and latitude, the address - i.e. country, city, street and closest point of interest - is captured in the image file. This enables you to search for specific places, streets or POI without having to tag each picture individually. Software is also included to organize, find and sort pictures


Recording Time 0.2 seconds
Storage Capacity 4,000 recorded locations
Accuracy 32.8' / 10m
Data Via Tele Atlas map material (country, city, street, POI)
Connection Standard hot-shoe
File Format JPEG, RAW with XMP sidecar file
Power Supply Internal rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 120mAh
Status Display 2 x LED
PC Connection USB 2.0
Charger via USB 2.0
System Requirements Windows XP (SP2), Vista (SP1), Mac (Intel Processor)
Dimensions 2.6 x 0.8 x 1.7" / 68 x 20 x 43mm
Weight 2.8 oz / 80g
Miscellaneous GPS coordinate capture: longitude, latitude, height; Cold start: 0.2 seconds; Warm start: 0.2 seconds; Battery life: approximately 4 weeks; Device attaches to hot shoe; Device triggers 100% synchronous to shutter release of your camera; Geo hint button for indoor use; Software features: Very easy operating user interface (4 clicks for a final result), matching vy imaging sequence (setting exact time is not necessary), Selection of POI by category, Manual adding of POI data, Works in nearly all countries worldwide, Includes 3-year Tele Atlas license, Offline storage of position fixes, Adding copyright information to images, Manual tagging of image data (via drag and drop), View images on Google Earth, etc. (creation of KML files); Search images by country, city, street, POI, etc.

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Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
Jobo photoGPS 4 Hot Shoe Activated GPS Data Logger