Ilford SFX 200 Infrared 135-36 Black & White Print Film (ISO-200)

Ilford SFX 200 Infrared 135-36 Black & White Print Film (ISO-200)


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Ilford SFX 200 Infrared 135-36 Black & White Print Film (ISO-200)

SFX 200 Infrared  35mm Black & White Print Film - Ilford has over 100 years of expertise in black and white photography, and continues to develop outstanding products for both picture taking and print making. SFX 200 is a medium speed panchromatic film which has peak red sensitivity at 720nm, and extended red sensitivity up to 740nm. Wedge spectrogram to tungsten light (2850K). This film produces dramatic infrared results, which will offer the photographer new creative dimensions.

When using SFX 200 film with a red filter, the film is exposed using only red light. Areas which reflect little red light, e.g. the sky, will be low density areas on the negative and dark areas on the print. Areas which are excellent reflectors of red light, e.g. most green foliage, will be high density areas on the negative and light areas on the print.

Any yellow, orange or red filter can be used, but the effect will depend on its transmission characteristics. The redder the filter, the more dramatic the effect. Ilford especially recommends the Ilford SFX filter which is optimized to the film's spectral sensitivity. Suggested filters include:

  1. Light red
    B+W 090, Cokin 003, Heliopan 25, Hitech 25, Hoya 25A, Kodak Wratten 25 and Lee 25.
  2. Dark red
    B+W 091, Heliopan 29 and Kodak Wratten 29
  3. Very dark red
    ILFORD SFX, B+W 092, Heliopan RG695, Hoya R72 and Kodak Wratten 89B


35mm black and white infrared film
ISO 200
Infrared photography
Ilford ID-11, Microphen, Perceptol and others
Color Saturation
Not Applicable
Exposure Latitude
Not Specified by Manufacturer

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