Hoya 67mm 81B Color Conversion Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass Filter

Hoya 67mm 81B Color Conversion Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass Filter


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Hoya 67mm 81B Color Conversion Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass Filter

The Hoya 67mm 81B Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass filter controls the bluish coloration that affects daylight film. It can also remove excessive blue from the effects of electronic flash.

It's Autumn. The clouds are low hanging and the sky is "patchy blue". You've gone for a ride upstate to the mountains and the light in open shade is bluish. A photo taken of your girlfriend with daylight balanced film leaning against the side of a barn will yield bluish tones that she might not find particularly flattering.

An 81B filter will replace even more yellow than an 81A and bring her skin tones back to a more appealing level. An 81B can also be used with electronic flash to reduce the amount of "blue" generated by the flash. The 81 series (81A, B, C, D and EF) allows you to choose how much warmth you wish to replace in the image.

Hoya makes the 81 series of filters in many sizes to accommodate the many uses this filter has. This filter can be used by the pro and amateur alike, weekend photo warrior or pro cinematographer and must be considered an essential addition to any photo arsenal.

Multicoated to minimize reflection at the filter surfaces which reduces flare and ghosting.

Note! Whereas the 81 Series of filters creates a feeling of warmth, the 82 Series creates a feeling of coolness.

As one of the premier filter manufacturers, Hoya filters continue to made from quality glass assuring the photographer clear, sharp and accurate images
Hoya filters consistently provide even color all the way through the filter; All surfaces are ground and polished to specific thickness and tolerances
Even non-multi-coated Hoya filters have one layer of anti-reflective coating applied to each surface of the glass; Hoya's single layer coating decreases light reflection off the surface from approx. 9% to an average of 4-5%

81 Series Conversion Factors

81 decreases color temperature from 3300 - 3200° Kelvin
81A decreases color temperature from 3400 - 3200° Kelvin
81B decreases color temperature from 3500 - 3200° Kelvin
81C decreases color temperature from 3600 - 3200° Kelvin
81D decreases color temperature from 3700 - 3200° Kelvin
81EF decreases color temperature from 3900 - 3200° Kelvin
Type Color Conversion
Size 67mm
Grade 81B
Filter Factor +1/3 stop
Multi-Coated Yes Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC)
Rotating No
Effect The 81 series adds warmth to the image
Application Good for general scenery when the photographer wishes to remove the bluish cast from open shade or just add warmth to the photograph, with an 81EF having the greatest effect
Color Temperature Decreases color temperature from 3500 - 3200° Kelvin
Construction Glass
Front Filter Thread Size 67 mm
Front Lens Cap Size 67 mm
Hoya 67mm 81B Color Conversion Hoya Multi-Coated (HMC) Glass Filter

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