Hoya 43mm Warming Filter (Intensifier)
Hoya 43mm Warming Filter (Intensifier)

Hoya 43mm Warming Filter (Intensifier)



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Hoya Warming Filter (Intensifier) Quality

• As one of the premier filter manufacturers, Hoya filters continue to made from quality glass assuring the photographer clear, sharp and accurate images
• Hoya filters consistently provide even color all the way through the filter; all surfaces are ground and polished to specific thickness and tolerances
• Even non-multi-coated Hoya filters have one layer of anti-reflective coating applied to each surface of the glass; Hoya's single layer coating decreases light reflection off the surface from approx. 9% to an average of 4-5%

Warming Filter (Intensifier)

The Hoya Warming filter controls the bluish coloration that affects daylight film. They can also remove excessive blue from the effects of electronic flash. Reduces blue to green color and makes the color of human skin look more sun-tanned. Combination with Pro 1UV filter is recommended for outdoor shooting.

Warming Intensifier

Works on the blue/green end of spectrum to give subjects a "warmer", healthier, more tanned look


Type Filter Introduction Kit
Grade Not applicable
Filter Factor
  • UV = 0
  • Circular Polarizer = Between 2.3 and 2.8 (approx. +1.3 stops)
  • Warming Intensifier = Not specified
  • Multi-Coated No
    Rotating Circular Polarizing filter rotates
  • UV = eliminates UV haze in the atmosphere
  • Circular Polarizer = Removes reflections and increases color saturation without affecting the overall color balance
  • Warming Intensifier = Reduces blue/green end of spectrum and gives subjects a slightly more tanned appearance
  • Application Nature, Scenics, Portraits
    Color Temperature
  • UV = No effect
  • Circular Polarizer = Not applicable
  • Warming Intensifier = not specified
  • Construction Glass


    • Warming filter

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    Hoya 43mm Warming Filter (Intensifier)
    In Stock
    Hoya 43mm Warming Filter (Intensifier)

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