HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)
HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)

HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)



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​​​​​​The ​​Science of Glare R​​​​​​​​​​eflection and Shade Angles on the iPad

During the 18 month design and development phase of HoodiVision shades, HoodiVision did several studies and tests related to glare direction, shade angle and shade height.

HoodiVision determined there are 3 main factors that determine shade size and design:​

    Ambient light glare and direction
    Angle and height of shade relative to iPad surface
    Optimum viewing angle

1) Ambient light glare and direction​

While it might seem that glare is caused in relation to the position of the sun it turns out that sun position is not the primary cause of glare and only matters most when the sun is directly behind the viewer shining over the head or shoulder directly onto the iPad surface. In that case it is easy to resolve by either turning so that the sun no longer shines directly on the surface or using the body to block it.

​The real glare problem results from the fact that the iPad surface functions as a shiny mirror. In fact if you hold your iPad up when it is off and look into the screen you will see a perfect mirrored image of yourself and anything else with or behind you. That means that no matter which direction you are facing in regards to the sun ambient glare can still make your iPad virtually unreadable.​

​To solve this we had to determine the best relative viewing angle, shade angle and shade height.​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​Viewing angle, shade angle and shade height are all interdependent and changing one proportionately affects the others.​

2) Angle and height of shade relative to iPad surface

​To reduce or eliminate ambient glare we found that the optimum shade angle relative to shade height is 70º from the surface of the iPad. Please note that the angle is 70º relative only to the surface of the iPad and not to other surfaces such as a table, level or otherwise. ​See Fig 1.

An angle of 70º allows for the best viewing angle (see #3 below) with the the lowest relative shade length of 10" / 254mm and height of 9" / 228.6mm.

In comparison a perpendicular 90º shade needs a minimum height of 18" / 457.2mm to block ambient reflection while still viewed at the optimum viewing angle. ​See Fig 2.

3) Optimum viewing angle​

​When experimenting on the best shade angle and height for the iPad we had to take into account the viewing angle so that all of the screen is shaded while providing a clear and natural unobstructed view of the iPad screen.

At an average viewing distance of 18" / 457.2mm the optimum viewing angle proved to be 60º relative to the surface of the iPad.​

HoodiVision shades are the first choice for UAV operators to block glare and reflection and provide heat protecion for their iPad/controller.

"I wanted to comment on the perfect angle of the PadHat. There are a few guys showing up at the field with other brand shades, as well as home made ones. Everyone complains about the glare and reflection. With the other shades, at a 90 degree angle, the screens are a perfect mirror showing the pilot their own reflection. HoodiVision shades have that perfect angle that completely eliminates that. As soon as I show them my shades, they realize that the PadHat is the best out there."

- Jim Bonnardel, Owner DIY Drones.com and President of Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Two types of shades:

The PadHat is a magnetic shade that attaches like a smart cover to the back edge of the iPad and uses micro suction NanoStik tabs that can convert to velcro style to anchor the shade wings. This the version we recommend for most applications including the Inspire 1.

The PadHat hybrid uses non-magnetic Hook & Loop (velcro® style) for a very strong secure attachment. It requires the application of a very thin strip of Hook & Loop to the case or back of the iPad. It also includes Hook & Loop NanoStick conversion tabs to enhance shade wing attachment.

The PadHat hybrid mini also works with the NVIDIA Shield.

UAVs are sensitive to magnetic fields, however the iPad has built in magnets for smart covers that are stronger than the magnets in the PadHat that do not interfere with the Inspire 1 compass. We have sold 100s to Inspire 1 pilots without one documented case of magnetic interference during operation.

If anyone should encounter problems with magnetic fields from our PadHat shade we will happily exchange it free of charge  (shipping costs apply) for a PadHat Hybrid.
- Closed  6.5 x 4.25 x .75 inches
               16.5 x 10.8 x 2 cm

- Open    8 x 8 x 5 inches
               20.3 x 20.3 x 12.7 cm

- Weight:   2.4 ounces
                  68 grams
HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)

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HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
HoodiVision PadHat Hybrid Mini for iPad 1 (Brushed Aluminium)