Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus
Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus

Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus


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Key Features

  • Records in Full HD 1080p
  • Uses H.264 Video Format for Recording
  • HDMI (Input/Output) + Component Video
  • No-Delay, Real-Time HD Video Passthrough
  • Tactile Top-Mounted Record Button
  • Supports Both Stereo & Optical Audio
  • Bundled with ArcSoft ShowBiz Software
  • Upload Recorded HD Videos to YouTube
  • Works with the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8

The HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus from Hauppauge! allows you to record gameplay from your preferred gaming console in Full HD 1080p video. With HDMI input and output ports, a component video input port and one optical audio input (SPDIF), this personal video recorder supports the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 as well as the PC. Also, the no-delay HDMI video passthrough allows you to record and play in real time.

Recorded video will automatically be compressed in the H.264 video format (often used in Blu-ray Discs). This personal video recorder can record videos at Full HD 1080p resolution and at 30 frames per second (fps). However, there are exceptions to this rule. In order to achieve Full HD 1080p at 30 fps, the content being recorded through HDMI must not use HDCP protection. Xbox 360 games can be recorded through HDMI at 1080p at 30fps, but Playstation 3 games use HDCP protection. For Playstation 3, you will have to use the included component video cable and as a result, will only be able to record in 1080i.

No-Delay HDMI Video Passthrough at Full HD 1080p
With a no-delay HDMI video passthrough, you'll be able to play in Full HD 1080p at 60 fps and record in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps at the same time. Also, recording doesn't slow down your computer because all the encoding is done on the personal video encoder itself. There is a catch, though. The source being recorded from HDMI must not use the HDCP standard. If it does, you will have to use the included component video cable and will only be able to record in 1080i
Port Authority
With an HDMI input port and an HDMI output port, you'll be able to play and record at the same time. Plus, HDMI supports both video and audio signals in a single cable so there's less hassle when it comes to cable management. There is also a component input port, which provides an alternative to HDMI, in case the content you want to record uses the HDCP standard. Along with the variety of inputs, take advantage of the optical audio (SPDIF) input for enhanced audio capabilities. The integrated USB port is used to connect this personal video recorder to your computer in order to save the recorded video onto its hard drive
ArcSoft ShowBiz
This personal video recorder comes bundled with the ArcSoft ShowBiz software. The ArcSoft ShowBiz software allows you to record video, edit recorded footage with the video editor and even upload videos straight to YouTube (Internet access required)
Top Mounted Record Button
The traditional way of recording gameplay or video content would have been by opening up ArcSoft ShowBiz on your connected computer and pressing Record. This personal video recorder also has a top-mounted Record button on the personal video recorder itself so you can record video directly from it. Just press the Record button once and ShowBiz will open on your computer and automatically start recording. If you want to stop recording, just press the top-mounted Record button again
With StreamEez you can create a Twitch or Ustream channel to live stream your video game play.
Encoders H.264 AVCHD video encoder with a recording resolution of 1080p at 30 fps
Data Rate From 1 to 13.5Mbps (user selectable)
Recording Format AVCHD (.TS and .M2TS) plus .MP4
1080p60p (recorded as 1080p30)
1080p50p (recorded as 1080p25)
Pass Through HDMI-in to HDMI-out: Up to 1080p
Component Video-in to HDMI-out: Up to 1080i
Input/Output Connectors 1x HDMI-in (from HDMI sources without HDCP, such as Xbox 360)
1x HDMI-out
1x Component video-in and S-Video (with stereo audio; optical cable not supplied)
1 x Optical audio in (SPDIF)
System Requirements Laptop or desktop PC with 3.0 GHz single core or 2.0 GHz multi-core processor
Microsoft Windows 8, 7 or Vista (32 or 64-bit), or Windows XP Service Pack 3
TV set with HDMI input
1 GB memory recommended
Graphics card with 256 MB memory
Sound card
220 MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive (for software installation)

Note: HD PVR 2 will not record video from HDMI with HDCP copy protection. If you are recording PS3 gameplay, use the included PS3 component video gaming cable.
Power Supply
6V at 1.6 amps
Dimensions (WxDxH)6 x 6 x 1.5" / 15.24 x 15.24 x 3.81cm
0.75 lb / 0.34 kg
Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus
  • 9' USB Cable
  • Installation CD
  • 6' HDMI Output Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • 6V 1.6 Amp Power Supply
  • Playstation 3 Component Video Gaming Cable
  • Hauppauge! A/V Cable Set for Component Video
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    Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus
    Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
    Hauppauge HD Personal Video Recorder 2 Gaming Edition Plus

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