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Customer's Feedback Customer's Feedback
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by Esther  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 26 August, 2017
My first time buying from Shashinki with good service from the staff. I ordered online on 24th Aug at night and get it on 26th Aug. Very nice experience and they even called to check whether they can change to TaQbin since my preferred courier Citilink already left by the time the package is ready for delivery because I need it latest by the following Wednesday. I got it on the same week (Saturday) instead with excellent packaging and camera in good condition.

Keep up the good works.

Thank you.

With regards
Dear Esther,

Thank you for the feedback and compliments! We hope to serve you again soon!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Magnus Wilson   Dated: Friday 25 August, 2017
Very nice experience and good service.

My shopping started with some initial questions via e-mail which were answered within a few hours where I also asked for advice on which items to chose between. I followed their advice and ordered via mail, got my proforma invoice and made an overseas bank transfer. They responded very quickly and timed the delivery exactly according to my travel plans. Then, I had to make an complementary order due to that one of my lenses broke, and they managed to squeezed in that delivery into the originally planned delivery as well. Excellent service, since I only had a window of 3 days to receive the items before traveling again.

All goods arrived with excellent packaging and worked perfectly. I'm very happy with my new camera and lenses.

Dear Magnus,

Thank you very much for the support and trust! We hope you enjoy the stay in Malaysia especially our Malaysian Food and HOT weather!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Woon Ting Chung  Malaysia Dated: Friday 25 August, 2017
Very quick delivery, plenty payment options. My only gripe would be the website is ancient, the used corner can be overwhelming. If therr is a quick list of items by category without picture in the used section it would be quite nice. Kudos for the free delivery and use of pos laju. Very quick delivery to Sarawak. Thanks guys. Fix the website please. =)
Our apologies for the old design of our website especially the used corner. We will try categories used items into several categories within this year. Thanks again for the feedback.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Shahrizal A.rahman  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 24 August, 2017
Order no: 120561 and 119868

Item: sony action camera hdr as 300r 1st and 2nd order.

Genuine and fast delivery. Give you 5 star for your help and service. Kipidap.
Dear Shahrizal,

Thank you for the Starsssss and support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by McCoy Wong  Singapore Dated: Thursday 10 August, 2017
Good morning,

Order nbr #121524

I would like to express my satisfaction on my order with you.

- Ordering service = 5 out of 5 stars.
- Payment service = 5 out of 5 stars.
- Delivery service = 5 out of 5 stars.
- Item received and quality = 5 out of 5 stars.
- Overall service = 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a highly recommended store to buy from.

Thank you.
Dear McCoy,

Thank you very much for the 5 stars rating to our product and services! We hope to serve you again soon!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sam Gopal  Malaysia Dated: Friday 04 August, 2017
Ordered a Used "Like New" Nikkor AF-S DX 55-200mm.... Paid by Direct Debit, within the evening the item was despatched. received only 2 days later. PosLaju delivery van breakdown before delivery.
On the whole, the lens was very well protected and packed. Perfect - no chance of damage.
Took out the lens and did a thorough physical check. As described it was perfect, no issue.
Fitted in my D3400 camera. did several rounds of tests with various ISO/f-Stop/Shutter speed tests. Perfect. As good as new
Order Number: 121443
Date Ordered: Tuesday 01 August, 201
Thank you very much for the review and feedback on our product and services! Hope you enjoy the lens!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Tay  Malaysia Dated: Monday 24 July, 2017
This is far the worst service i have ever received. we purchased a camera and wanting to use it for our company event. unfortunately, was promised to deliver on thurday. what i dont understand is , if you knew there's an urgency in using the camera, and we are at the same state, cant you call us to pick it up or even deliver it to us personally.

this is what i call the extra mile you take. but instead you had to courier to us. we tried calling you and your office so many times to inform you that we have not received the canera.

but no one picks up any calls, not even the operations manager, NUR FARHANAH.. not even the office. at the end .. we have to make use our camera from the phone.

Thanks but NO Thanks to you.
Dear Tay,

The person from your company that sent the order to us is Suffiah. Please check with her on the detail email communication between her and us. We have not received any phone call or email from you on the urgent delivery of the camera.

We sent the quotation and tax invoice to your company on 9th July 2017, but your company only informed us that a cheque has been deposited to us on 19th July 2017 (Weds). We immediately replied to Suffiah that we can only send out the camera AFTER the cheque clears. She is aware of that.

The cheque only cleared on 21st July 2017 (Friday), and we posted out the camera on the same day the cheque cleared. PosLaju tracking number was emailed to Suffiah on the same day.

Our working day is Monday to Friday (9am till 5pm, 1-2pm lunch break), and half day (retail) on Saturday.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Ling Kwong Ming  Malaysia Dated: Monday 17 July, 2017
They hang up ur phone call , they not working very well , they are very lazy and impolite person

I send my item in for repair , I got quote and I paid , when I still trust this company , they mention two thing is broken , I wonder why it happens or how , so I ask for a detail report from their company to shashinki , they ask me wait . Two weeks later I ask again , the staff tell me nothing but I will pass to someone incharge , so I get mad and call in , after asking for the question few times ,she cant answer me and say wait boss call , then she hang up my phone , I thought its connection problem and I call in again , in malay MALAS NAK LAYAN ORANG CAM NI ?

Shashinki , I very dissapoint with ur company behave like this ,
Dear Ling,

I apologize on behalf of my staff. I have called you and whatsapp you personally to solve the case.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by casey saw  Malaysia Dated: Friday 07 July, 2017
First time purchase on this Shashinki.
My Order Number: 120749
when checking for the product, it showing "In Stock", right after the payment done, the item change to notify when in stock and I receive the email stated Item(s) ordered will be shipped out once stock arrived (3-14 days).
call the number to double check again and is confirm no stock.
now i have to go through the hassle for requesting refund of the item.
This is just wasting my time.
Dear Casey,

We should have the product in stock, but as we moved to new office in May, our packing staff couldn't find where the Olympus UC-90 USB Battery Charger has been placed.

Our online stock system will automatically deduct the quantity and shows stock status according to quantity.

Our apologies for the inconvenient caused.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Cheng-Kuan Lim  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 05 July, 2017
Very prompt delivery and careful packing, I like it, thank you! ++++++
Thanks for the support, Lim!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by linton coke  USA Dated: Tuesday 04 July, 2017
They were very timely, and item was delivered before set date.
Thank you very much for the support and trust from USA!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jake Ooi  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 04 July, 2017
Very good service! Fast and the product is quite good.
Thanks for the compliments!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by kelvin ng  Malaysia Dated: Monday 12 June, 2017
Hi Dr. Koh,
Very much thanks for spending few minute to reply my feedback. The Lenspen surface is sticky and rough but it works as it is. The quality is not as good as the 1st I bought which at the same price range.
Dear Kelvin,

Thank you for the feedback. I have refunded the Lenspen price back to you as shopping point. You may use the shopping point to purchase some other items at ShaShinKi, there is no expiry date.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by kelvin ng  Malaysia Dated: Sunday 11 June, 2017
Hi Shashinki, all the while my orders were received the next day of shipment in Malaysia but I don't understand why the last order need a few days. The main success factors of online service are trustability of vendors, lowest price guarantee and speed as customers don't have the chance to sight the condition of product before purchase and the patience of waiting for delivery. Why I so frustrated was I had 2 orders which the goods are not in good condition that are A6000 cover and cleaning pen. I found wasting my time to feedback and return the goods to exchange therefore don't bother to highlight. Be frank, I really loose confidence and patience to order online in future.
Dear Kelvin,

Very sorry for the delay. The A6000 case defect is our mistake. We didn't check the condition properly prior to shipping out.

As for the Lenspen, are you referring to Lenspen NLFK-1 LensPro FilterKlear? The lenspen is sealed in its original packaging. May I know what is the defect?

Once again, our apologies for the disappointment.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Nel Son Toe  Malaysia Dated: Sunday 11 June, 2017
I initially drove to Shashinki outlet in Pulai on a Saturday morning thinking to do my purchase in person but unfortunately it was not open as stated in the website. Feeling disappointed, I tried to purchase online hoping that the delivery will be within 5 working days, in time for my family holiday. Shashinki actually delivered the purchase to me within 2 working days. Excellent. (But please update your outlet operating hours in your website) Thanks
Dear Nel,

Thank you very much for the continuous support!

Very sorry that we were closed on the 3rd June 2017 (Sat). I wasn't in Johor on that day, else I would be more than happy to come open our shop and welcome you.

(During bulan Ramadan and bulan Raya, we give weekends off to our staffs, so that they can have more time with their family. Anyhow, I will still be around to open the shop and serve on the last and coming Saturday.)
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by chong kong sang  Malaysia Dated: Friday 26 May, 2017
My first order which was from overseas, a Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Close Up lens was delivered with the said time frame. The said lens was well made and the images taken with it were exceptionally sharp, details and crystal clear. Thanks al lot.
Dear Chong,

Thank you for the support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sung Than Lim  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 24 May, 2017
Made an order for the MeFOTO Roadtrip Air travel tripod was happy that it arrived only 4 days after the order was placed. However, the order received was the wrong product. The MeFOTO Backpacker Air (cheaper and smaller) was sent to me instead. So, now due to the company's error, I will have to go through the trouble of repackaging and sending the product back to the Johor office and wait longer for what I actually paid and ordered. Not happy.
I am awaiting to see if cost of the shipping will be reimbursed or if I will have to bare the cost of their mistake. So disappointed.
Dear Lim,

Our apologies for the mistake. We will reimburse you the return shipping cost.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Mohd   Dated: Wednesday 24 May, 2017
Whatapps utk pertanyaan langsung tak jawab.
Acah2 friendly, indah khabar dari rupa.. 'no bussiness no talk'???
Our apologies. May I know which phone number you whatsapp to? We received many whatsapp daily, so we might have overlook your enquiries.

You may call us directly at 07-5702078 / 5702079 or 0167736586.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by ISMAIL OSMAN  Malaysia Dated: Friday 05 May, 2017
Setakat hari ini tahun 2017 saya telah berbelanja melebihi sepuluh ribu ringgit di ShaShinki.Bagi saya perhidmatan yang diberikan adalah baik dan
harganya berpatutan.Kakitangannya sentiasa membantu jika ada sebarang kesulitan. Namun yang menyakitkan hati saya ialah khidmat penghantaranya
iaitu TA-Q-BIN di mana tidak menepati masa dan bahagian khidmat pelanggannya tidak mesra pelanggan iaitu tidak memberi respond kepada pelanggan
yang memerlukannya. Keadaan ini membuatkan saya tawar hati lagi untuk memesan barangan dari sini buat masa hadapan.
Dear Ismail Osman,

Kami meminta maaf atas masalah TAQBIN. Kami boleh menghantar pesanan En Osman pada depan menggunakan PosLaju atau Citylink. Kami berharap En Osman dapat mencuba lagi servis kami.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Heng Way Ong  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 04 May, 2017
Hi, I have a canon 18-55 lens, the ribbon to control focus was broken, can I know how much for the cost to repair it. Thank you
Hi, estimated repair cost = RM200. You can send your lens to us.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Freddie Kwong  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 04 May, 2017
Hi guys!

I'm the first time customer. I ordered a Sony FE 50mm f1,8 lens yesterday and it arrived at my office in KL this morning! I opened the box and everything was well packed. Absolutely one of my best online shopping experience! Thank You!
Thanks for the support, Freddie! Do enjoy the great 50mm F/1.8 lens from Sony! It is one of the best!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Chooi Wai Mun  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 03 May, 2017
Bought an a7 Sony. All good & ok. No sick at hand but they got it to arrive in few days. All ok works great. Sealed new in box.
Sony A7 is a great camera! Thanks for shopping with us!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jude  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 03 May, 2017
Do you have Godox TT685s with Godox X1T-S trigger for Sony a6000? What is the price for both?
Sorry, we do not carry that product at the moment.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sulaiman Abdulkadir  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 29 April, 2017
Order # 118779. Thank you for the quick delivery. Order and make payment on Friday morning, received the order in excellent condition on Saturday afternoon..(the next day)..
Thanks for the support En. Sulaiman! We hope to serve you again soon!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Goh CH  malaysia Dated: Friday 28 April, 2017
bought Yn622n Rx and Tx. Like the way Shashinki respond to my queries. Despite waiting for the availability for Yn622N Tx, overall it was a good experience buying at this website. Thumbs up!
Thanks for the support Goh! Enjoy the YongNuo wireless flash trigger in TTL!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Desmond   Dated: Thursday 27 April, 2017
I am extremely happy at the way you response to me and keep me informed of the order status regularly. The delivery was extremely fast and very professional. I would definitely recommend my friends to shop with you.
Thanks for the feedback and kind words! We hope to serve you again soon!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Chandra Sekran  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 19 April, 2017
Dear Sirs,

I have been pleasantly surprised at the consistent speed with which you respond to queries and on the delivery of items upon order being placed with you. On top of its all, your prices for the cameras and accessories are very competitively priced.

Keep up the quality of service you have rendered. I have no hesitation of patronizing your outlet for my camera items.

Dear Mr Chandra, thank you very much for the continuous support and compliments!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by ALBERT TEO  Malaysia Dated: Friday 14 April, 2017
Purchased fujifilm X100F from shashinki, well packed and delivery really fast. Customer service feedback(whatsapp) very well and politely, im very satisfied. Definately will come back again. (thumb up)
Thank you for the support, Albert! Enjoy the very best compact camera from Fujifilm!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by TENG YONG HENG  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 13 April, 2017
I have bought DJI Phantom 3 Professional from Shashinki last week.after unbox i have not see the any warranty card from DJI,How can i register and make sure the item
is under warranty?thankyou
DJI does not give physical warranty card. When you power ON the drone, DJI will ask you to register and activate the drone. So warranty starts from the day you activate it, DJI will have the record.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Johnny Lim  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 06 April, 2017
- Ordered an Sony Alpha a5100 Brown color on Monday (3/4/17) and received the items in execellent condition on Thursday (6/4/17).
- Items as described.
- Prompt replies received via emails and whatsapp.
- Very good customer service.
- Will shop again in future.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the support and compliments! We hope to serve you again soon!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
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