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Customer's Feedback Customer's Feedback
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by Nasha   Dated: Tuesday 19 August, 2014
Bought a 2nd hand lens, a bag and a few accesories. 2nd hand item as per description and CHEAP!. Shashinki is the best to get camera gears!
by Tan Guo Xiang  Malaysia Dated: Friday 15 August, 2014
Bought something from shashinki yesterday, and arrived this morning. Fast delivery. Thanks!
by SAM CHOW  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 13 August, 2014
Just buy a [LIMITED] Maha PowerEx MH-C801D LCD Charger + Imedion 2400mAh AA Batteries (8pcs)(Free Digital Battery Tester BT-168D with Digital LCD Display, fast delivery, Thank You!
by Marian Wyse  United States Dated: Monday 11 August, 2014
I ordered some Kata dividers from ShaShinKi after trying unsuccessfully to purchase them from two other vendors. The dividers arrives in Illinois in an amazingly short time, and were exactly what I needed. I want to thank ShaShinKi for their service. I highly recommend them!
by Ahmad Suhaimi Mohd Nasir   Dated: Wednesday 06 August, 2014
Hye Shashinki,

tq for your best service. I have been buying products from Shashinki since 2010. Still the best online photography shop in Malaysia. Keep up the good work :-)
by See Yu Ming Boyd  Malaysia Dated: Monday 04 August, 2014
First time shopper of Shashinki and a very happy one. Very informative, fast, reliable, secure and friendly. Most of my questions were answered fast. Pre-order early, got inform when stock arrival in the morning. Paid in the morning. Got the package tomorrow morning. Package came in good condition. keep the good job coming.
by Jimmy Chung  Malaysia Dated: Friday 25 July, 2014
I would like to say something regarding the wishlist.

After reading the feedbacks, we all have the same question, how to access our wishlist?
Although Dr.Koh replied on one of the feedbacks saying that the wishlist icon is at the top right of the page, but wishlist is not written there.

I really hope that "Wishlist" can be written somewhere on the page because I always have trouble finding the wishlist icon.

This is how I access my wishlist:
_ I access wishlist by simply clicking of of the products, click " add to wishlist", and it will finally bring me to my wishlist _

So I hope that Shashinki solve the wishlist issue!
I always enjoy shopping here at Shashinki and look at the stuff!

Best regards.

Reply by Dr Koh,

Thank you very much for the feedback, Jimmy! My bad for overlooking such small but important feature.

I have added a link to WISHLIST at the " Account Details " page. Hope that makes accessing wishlist much easier for you now.
by MARSON SULLONG  Malaysia Dated: Friday 25 July, 2014
Hi there,

I received my order today around noon.Order # 87661_

But very shock to found out that my Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Autofocus __ Lens Rear Lens Cap __ is white (semi transparent). Should be black with Nikon logo on it.

Replied by Lydia:
This is the original standard package of Nikon 50mm f/1.8D, which the rear lens cover is white transparent. We did not changed anything in the package. All Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens are like this.
The black colour rear lens cap need to be purchased separately. I have emailed you the product link.
Thank you.
by Subhankar Mitra  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 23 July, 2014
Order no. 87583
Paid for the item and waited nearly a month. No response to repeated email queries so I was forced to open a Paypal undelivered item claim. At this the Shashinki people informed the product is out of stock. No satisfactory answers to why the order was accepetd or why was there no information all this while was given.

They said they can get the product (as if it was a big favour they were doing me) from their supplier but I have to pay an additional amount of nearly 30% of the original cost of the item. On refusal to pay any additional amount and also willing to wait on for the product to arrive they quickly used the Paypal claim as an excuse and quietly refunded the money and escaped delivering the product.

Buyers beware... Lousy service, arrogant people and fraudulent motive. I am a heavy buyer of camera eqipment and accessories online and this is one of the most disgusting experiences.

Reply by Dr. Koh,

1. You ordered on 9th July 2014. Not a month ago.

2. Your first and only email to us was on 19th July 2014 (Sat). No repeated email queries as what you claimed above. You then filed chargeback at PayPal on 22nd July 2014 (Tuesday). Yes, it is our mistake and delay in not replying your email on Monday (we do not work on Sat and Sun).

3. When you made the order online, the product is NOT in stock. Stock status is "Ships within 3-14 Days (depending on supplier's stock)".

4. The product you ordered:

1 x Think Tank EP-C7D Hydrophobia eyepiece (EP) for Canon EOS 7D 6D Digital SLR Camera (TT-TT633) = RM138.00

is out of stock locally. We told you that we can source from oversea, but the price is RM178.00. You do not want to pay the extra money for IMPORT version.

5. Since we can't get stock locally, and you are not willing to pay for IMPORT version, so we close the dispute at PayPal by refunding the money back to you. We sent you an email informing you on the refund (not quietly refund as you claim).

We won't delete your comments above, but showing the actual picture of what truly happened. We operate our business transparently.
by wktan   Dated: Tuesday 22 July, 2014
nikon mb-d14 got stock, if order when can received?

Replied by Lydia:
Within 3 business days.
by LUQMAN MD ARIF  Malaysia Dated: Friday 18 July, 2014
Hi. Just got my JJC 26D diffuser for Nissin Di466. Please take serious note that the diffuser does not fit Di466. Please test it yourself. I paid RM28 for that item and it's not working. I sold it to a fren...sigh...have to search again.

Reply by Dr Koh,

We have tested it in our office, JJC 26D will fit Nissin Di466 without any problem. We have sent you the video on how to fit the diffuser to the flash.
by Bagirathan Pillay  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 17 July, 2014
Very satisfied with services offered by Shshinki! Has shopped here a couple of times and satisfied every time. Highly reccomended and will definitely shop again. Keep up the good work :)
by Andrew Townsend  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 15 July, 2014
Thank you for delivery within the stated time and your prompt replies to my emails. I will definitely order with you again.
by Jimmy Chung  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 08 July, 2014
Order no: #86779
A big thank you for Shashinki again!
Thank you for being so patient in every perspective, replying emails, speaking through phone etc!
Thank you for solving my warranty issue just now!

Shashinki never fails to satisfy me!
Keep up the good work!

I definitely will shop here again!

Best regards,
by Jimmy Chung  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 02 July, 2014
Order no: #86779
Date ordered: 9/6/14
Date received: 2/7/14
Item condition: Excellent!

Its okay for the delay as your supplier was out of stock.
But I'm very satisfied on Shashinki quick response and service! ;)
Shashinki always reply my email within a day which I'm so happy about it.
There is a problem with the warranty of my ordered item but I've contacted the company in Australia. ;)
If the problem remains unsolved, I will contact Shashinki.

Anyway, Shashinki service is always the best and I find out that it is the safest and the most reliable camera/recording equipment e-store here in Malaysia.

I gave 9 stars out of 10 to Shashinki. ;)
by mien   Dated: Wednesday 18 June, 2014
SHASHINKI you are the besttttt
I order early morning and i already receive my item in the afternoon hahahaha
truly unbelievable ... Kuala Lumpur to Sabah
it's like shopping next to your house

by Danny Awi  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 17 June, 2014
Received my items today!
Fast & Secure, as always.

Danny Awi

p/s: looking forwards for future purchases.
by Dylan Cartney  Malaysia Dated: Friday 13 June, 2014
Just received my parcel today,as usual it takes me sometimes to locate my items in all that bubble wraps..hehe,superb service and packing.
by Razali b. Zainuddin   Dated: Wednesday 11 June, 2014
Don't hesitate to buy from them..Trusted seller and provide very good service..
by Mohamad Faisal kamarudin  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 07 June, 2014
fast delivery. 100% satisfaction.
by mike wolers  malaysia Dated: Thursday 05 June, 2014
I have been a Shashinki customer for several years now and must say that they are very reliable; particularly when it comes to shipping dates/deadlines.

The only one (small) complaint I ever had was handled speedily and no questions asked.
by Yeoh Chin Nam  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 28 May, 2014
Just for feedback. During delivery, found the bottom of carton box are not seal by tape. Luckily the product inside does not fall out due to the carton box got tighten by rope and the product still in good condition.

Reply by Dr. Koh,

Thanks for the feedback! We will inform our Packaging Department for more care and improvement in future!
by Raymond Gomes  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 22 May, 2014
I'm happy with the speed and follow up of your services..The product I received was in good condition. Recently I made an inquiry on one of your product. I was given a simple and good explanation. Special shout goes to Dr KOH Kho King who help me in my inquiry
by Yeow Tai Keong  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 15 May, 2014
Hi, my order number is 85973, I wish to know when you can ship it out? I ordered at 13th May and need it urgently at 20th May (Tuesday), if
ShaShinKi can't shipped out at 16th May (Friday), most likely I am going to miss the delivery for my trip. If ShaShinKi can't ship it out at 20th May, can I request to cancel the order and get full refund?

Personal suggestion: ShaShinKi need to state 'exisiting stock' in online purchase so customer can predict the delivery time. If the delivery time is too long, I will prefer to walk in to any shop nearby to buy the goods.

Thank you.

Replied by Lydia:
Your order has been shipped out today, it will reach you tomorrow before 12pm. Tracking number will be emailed to you shortly.
by Hj Asari Abd Rahaman  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 14 May, 2014
No time stamp for Status, only date stamp. Its so difficult to know at what time the order has been shipped so that the tracking number can be used to track.

Reply by Dr Koh,
We give information the day the parcel is being shipped, not the time, as it doesn't matter what time a parcel is being shipped as all parcels are collected at post centre, and till evening (7pm) then only they will all send to KLIA and distribute to different locations or States there. Then the next day only it will be delivered by the postman to your doorsteps.

Tracking number is updated by the courier company the next day to their system normally. This is beyond our control though.

Eg. parcel you posted out 8am at post office counter makes no different as to those who posted out at 3pm. The 8am parcel is just sitting there waiting.
by Hj Asari Abd Rahaman  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 14 May, 2014
The system has no login expiry time. It should auto logout after period of time when no activities perform.

Reply by Dr Koh,
Our system will automatically log you out if there is no activity after 30 mins. You can try / test again.
by david  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 07 May, 2014
too much hassle and difficult to buy thing from shashinki .. want to buy COD also need to go to bank to bank in that rm 10 :( better buy elsewhere with a more simple transaction process ...

Replied by Lydia:
Hi, normally our customer service staff will call you up to inform you of the item ordered stock status and ask you if you would like to pay the RM10 COD fee upon receiving the goods.
by david  Malaysia Dated: Sunday 04 May, 2014
really appreciate the cash on delivery service and i like this method of dealing but why shashinki need to charge rm 10 for such transaction ? XXX also provide cash on delivery and also free shipment but they never charge any amount for their COD (cash on delivery) service transaction . so hope shashinki can give the same service to customer here in malaysia ..

Reply by Dr. Koh,
RM10 COD fee is charged by Yamato TAQBIN, and also to ensure that the order is genuine.

With the convenient and popularity of online banking (Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, PBebank...etc.), please consider paying via online banking and there is no service fee involved.
by Clement Kok  Malaysia Dated: Friday 02 May, 2014
Buying an camera lens adapter. so far, satisfied :)
Very honest and good feedback given.
Plan to get a lens, hopefully everything is ok :)
by Jay   Dated: Wednesday 30 April, 2014
The 1st ordering experience is bad. They explained, late but acceptable.
The 2nd ordering experience is great! Ordered, Paid, Received, all in less than 24 hrs.
I am certain to buy again.

Thank you.
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