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Customer's Feedback Customer's Feedback
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by teoh   Dated: Friday 06 September, 2019
Order 138978 payment cleared on 3sep. It was written as in-stock and ship within 24business hour but now it appeared that there is no stock. I believe every consumer has the right to have the correct info before making the purchase, failure to comply is against the trading ethics and jeopardising your reputation.
Dear Mr Teoh,

Your order will be shipped out today. Our staff mistaken that the stock was reserved for another customer, I have informed her to ship out the reserved stock that is for you to be shipped it out today.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Kwai Yoong Chin  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 03 September, 2019
Hi when do you expect to fulfill my order 138887 placed with you 26 August?
Dear Sir,

The item you ordered is currently out of stock locally. We have ordered it from overseas, ETA will be by end of this week or early next week. We will email you the tracking number after shipped.
Replied by,
by VIVIAN CHIN KA YEE  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 14 August, 2019
A realible online shop! My parcel received in good shape and nothing missed for the bundle package. I'm very satisfied with your service.
Thank you Shashinki and the whole team :)
Dear Vivian, thank you for your trust and support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by KS Song  Malaysia Dated: Friday 09 August, 2019
Order Number: 138266

I'm disappointed that you failed you indicate the receiver's phone number on the airwaybill/courier slip even when I have specifically instruct you to do so. This has caused confusion & inconvenience during delivery.

KS Song
Dear KS, our apologies for not changing your hp number in the airway bill. Sorry for the overlook.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by JAZULI KHALIL MOHD NOR  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 10 July, 2019
Shashinki is reachable. The staffs were very helpful. The shipping was efficient. Shipping packaging was satisfied. Caters all payment method. Great experience. Will shop again at shashinki.
Thanks for the support, Jazuli!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Mohd Azam Mohd Isa  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 27 June, 2019
order # 137011

hi .. I have received the product in a good condition. We have used the product and it works well until last week the product failed to read the memory card. Is the product under warranty. If yes, please advise, what should I do?
Dear Azam,

For used item, there is only 7 days warranty. You may try another memory card. Please check the memory card slot and make sure that the pins inside the card slot are not damaged.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Brandon Lee  KL, Malaysia Dated: Thursday 06 June, 2019
Bought a used intervalometer from Shashinki. Deal is smooth and delivery was arrange pretty quick (received the parcel within the week i placed the order). Definitely will deal with them again in the future.
Dear Brandon,

Thank you for the compliments and support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Ang Hwee Yong  Singapore Dated: Wednesday 29 May, 2019
I would not buy any item from your site again....I felt really cheated when FedEX asking for another payment.....
don't I already pay for the shipping cost at your site when checking out....why do I still have to pay another fee to FedEx...

If this is GST fee (because transporting using by road) .....your site should have stated that.

I really really felt cheated....

I will never buy another item from your site.
Dear Ang,

For oversea order, we have stated in our checkout confirmation page (highlighted in bright yellow) that customs duty and import tax are not included in our selling price or shipping fee. Customer will need to bare the import duties or taxes if applicable.

The payment you paid to FedEx is Singapore 7% GST imposed by Singapore customs.


International orders are generally subject to local import duties and taxes. By confirming the order, you agree to accept full responsibility for all duties, taxes, VAT, and brokerage, including all governmental and courier fees as set forth under international Incoterms. Return shipping, as well as all original fees shall be incurred and will be deducted from any refunds that may be entitled to from ShaShinKi for non-delivered parcels.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Ee Chee Wai  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 28 May, 2019
137063 this is my order number. Pls check and reply me when can deliver.
Dear Ee,

Osmo Action will be available by mid or end of June.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Kwai Yoong Chin  Malaysia Dated: Monday 27 May, 2019
Dear Dr Koh

I refer to my order 136994 of 14 May and settlement made in full 15 May. Please advise when fulfilment could be expected.

Thank you
Dear Chin,

Your order has been shipped out few days ago. We have emailed you the tracking number as well.
Replied by,
by Han-Kao Ning  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 30 April, 2019
Dear Sir
I returned the worry item that you sent to me.
when can I receive the correct item.
please update my order list.
thank you
Dear Ning,

2 weeks for us to get new stock and send to you as per our previous phone communication.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Gary Lester Sipawi  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 13 April, 2019
Hello Sir,

I would like an update for Order # 136022.

Thank you.
Dear Gary,

We have emailed you few days ago. Please check.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by chong kong sang  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 09 April, 2019
Just want to alert you that someone is using your company's name to scam buyers at LAZADA site, offering camera equipment at ridiculously low prices. It's a new seller, purportedly based in Hong Kong and using the name: UK TOP MALL.
Dear Chong,

Thanks for informing us.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Chloe  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 13 March, 2019
Hi, I have receive my item on time as promise, 5 star!!
Dear Chloe,

Thank you for the support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by torben daltoft  Malaysia Dated: Monday 04 March, 2019
....and I think that Mr. Koh could do without "Doctorship" (in naval engineering(?)) in this business
And instead improve his systems to become more user friendly!
No, I am not a programmer or computer science background. Photography is just my hobby, hence starting up this camera business. My PhD is in Ship Maneuvering, has nothing to do with web design or programming. Is fine for you to call me Mr. Koh. :)
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by torben daltoft  Malaysia Dated: Monday 04 March, 2019
Ur home page and the procedures included are out of whack

Just tried to purchase, bur ur system wouldnt allow me
Dear Torben,

Not sure of the problem you faced. We did received your orders from time to time, not sure why you still have problems ordering in our system. We are working to improve our online shop from time to time, but might not be able to meet your expectation though.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Elaine C  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 28 February, 2019
Dear ShaShinKi, I have recently purchased a Tokina macro lens. The product has arrived safely and packaging was good. However, I find the method of payment a little inconvenient, as I am using Public bank, I need to log into my PB acc to transfer the money, then send an email. Hopefully you can improve on that. :) Overall, I enjoyed shopping with you and your service and will continue to support this website.
Dear Elaine,

Thanks for your feedback and support.

We have FPX payment method that can link directly to various banks for customers to pay directly online. You may chose that in future.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by yan min wu  Malaysia Dated: Monday 28 January, 2019
hi my order is #134710. may i know when will you send out my order? thank you
Dear Yan,

Farhanah will communicate with you through whatsapp.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Ng S H   Dated: Wednesday 23 January, 2019
Dear Sir,
Is this Hoodman Glasses Model Hoodeye Eyecup for Sony Alpha a7, a7R, a7S, and a7 II Models also suitable fir A7 iii?
Hi Ng,

We are unable to confirmed the compatibility with A7 III. Hoodman official site does not include Sony A7 III series in their compatibility chart.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Yuk Kong Chan  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 12 January, 2019
I bought a Jusino tripod back in 2016. I found one of the leg is having some problem ( difficult to prolong and return back to the home position ). I know the warranty is 7 yrs from manufacturer but what is the best way for me to reach the supplier or manufacturer to deal with this? Pls advise and thanks in advance.
Hi Chan,

Please send me photos of your tripod at +60167627788. We will communicate from there.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Mohd Arshad   Dated: Tuesday 18 December, 2018
Hi, i bought a new nissin di662 mark II... (purchased through Lazada) ... well the things is, after several session of photoshot, the pilot light remains red. and it didn't turn green. its like the speedlite can't shot any flash at all. i even changed it into all the available mode, still unusable

well about battery, i don't think its the battery problem because the battery is brand new and i charged it till its full already.

is it anything to do with firmware... your kind advised much appreciated... tq
Dear Arshad,

Please whatsapp me at +60167627788 for troubleshooting.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jason Ting  Malaysia Dated: Friday 14 December, 2018
Hi, may i know do u got Sony SBAC-US20 USB 3.0 SxS Memory Card Reader / Writer?

Yes, we have it. Please place your order online

Thank you.
Replied by,
by DARREN CHIN  MYS Dated: Thursday 06 December, 2018
Hi, i would like to ask, is that Canon 80D Used camera available for sales? Thanks.
Don't have used unit Canon 80D at the moment.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Kent  Malaysia Dated: Monday 03 December, 2018
Hi, just i done made payment for the Rode videoMIC.. My cimb acc already deduct the money but the your website said Fail (Requery Error). How? Please assist me.
Already processed for you.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Kwai Yoong Chin  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 28 November, 2018

On 31 October I placed with you order #132814 for 1 piece Peak Design Tote Bag and a net sum of RM802.50 was paid via Maybank 2U into your account with Maybank. You subsequently advised that you were unable to fulfill the order and offered to refund the net sum in which I advised you credit the amount due me to my account with you. I have checked today and note there was no money credited to my account with you. Please clarify.

Chin Kwai Yoong
Dear Chin,

Our apologies for the delay. We have just credited the money (RM820) to your account at ShaShinKi in shopping point.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by tah cheng low  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 20 November, 2018
Dear shashinki, i just made 2 purchases, in separate orders. I find it very inconvenient to make payment. I'm doing it via mobile phone, hence i have to switch screen between your website and maybank and email over n over again as i need to key in voucher code, acc nbr, email, amount. I gave up. I came to the office to use the desktop to complete the order bcos i can use mouse to copy paste and toggle in between screens. I tried to put 2 orders into 1 order, but it doesnt have the delete order feature. So at the end, i put in 2 seperate orders but delivery to the same address. That means i have to do the payment process twice. Please consider developing a better payment system. thank you.
Dear Low,

Very sorry for the trouble and confusion caused. If you select FPX, then it will link directly to bank website for payment direct. If you select Maybank, CIMB or Public Bank, then it is manual payment method.

Sorry for the trouble caused.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Aiyda  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 10 November, 2018
Where can i get Aputure Gigtube Tilt & Swivel LCD Viewfinder - GT3CII for Canon 5D Mark II? Any suggestion?
Sorry, discontinued product, no longer available.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Chua Chan Joo  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 31 October, 2018
Order # 132744. Fast delivery. Thanks
However, 1 item i.e Godox C1T-F trigger for Fuji is missing from my order. Already email you and please check.
Dear Chua,

The Godox X1T for Fuijifilm will be shipped out to you separately. Thanks.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jing Qin Chai  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 27 October, 2018
Hi, do you have Sony SLT a77ii with kit lens in stock?
We don't have A77 II in stock. This model requires special order, takes 6 weeks to deliver.

We have A99 II ready stock now.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sin Liat Shia  Malaysia (Duty Free Zone) Dated: Thursday 25 October, 2018
I wrote to inquire about a product (Sony LA-EA4 A-Mount to E-Mount Lens Adapter with Translucent Mirror Technology (Black) (Sony Malaysia)) sometime ago and again today but had no reply.

Please advise.
Sorry for the late reply. LA-EA4 needs special order. 2-4 weeks for us to get stock.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
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