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Customer's Feedback Customer's Feedback
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by Aiyda  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 10 November, 2018
Where can i get Aputure Gigtube Tilt & Swivel LCD Viewfinder - GT3CII for Canon 5D Mark II? Any suggestion?
by Chua Chan Joo  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 31 October, 2018
Order # 132744. Fast delivery. Thanks
However, 1 item i.e Godox C1T-F trigger for Fuji is missing from my order. Already email you and please check.
Dear Chua,

The Godox X1T for Fuijifilm will be shipped out to you separately. Thanks.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jing Qin Chai  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 27 October, 2018
Hi, do you have Sony SLT a77ii with kit lens in stock?
We don't have A77 II in stock. This model requires special order, takes 6 weeks to deliver.

We have A99 II ready stock now.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sin Liat Shia  Malaysia (Duty Free Zone) Dated: Thursday 25 October, 2018
I wrote to inquire about a product (Sony LA-EA4 A-Mount to E-Mount Lens Adapter with Translucent Mirror Technology (Black) (Sony Malaysia)) sometime ago and again today but had no reply.

Please advise.
Sorry for the late reply. LA-EA4 needs special order. 2-4 weeks for us to get stock.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jackson Quan  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 09 October, 2018
Order # 131920.

I have emphasis to self pickup at the show room, as I am outstation recently.
No one at home. But your man order the delivery man to delivered to my house !!
I have no idea if the goods will be treated carefully or not. (I saw courier man used to throw the goods in to the house)
What happen to your arrangement?

I can only be back this coming Sunday. If anything went wrong to the lens, can I exchange 1-1 ?
Dear Jackson,

Sorry that we overlook your request for self-collect and have sent the item via courier to you. I have whatsapp you on the warranty part. Thanks.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Jeremy   Dated: Saturday 08 September, 2018
Do you offer credit card payment in-store or only online?
Yes, we do offer credit card payment in our retail shop.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by m sivaselvam munusamy  Malaysia Dated: Monday 03 September, 2018
hi, do you have nikon d750 second hand?
Currently don't have. You may check our USED CORNER from time to time, as used items get sold very fast.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by SYAHRUL ANUAR BIN ABDUL WAHAB  Malaysia, Kelantan, Kota Bharu Dated: Monday 03 September, 2018
Hi, really interested in sony a7 iii. From your advert. its no stock. When the new stock will arrive as my Budjet will approved in 1 month Time. Can inform me when it arrive as provided address. Thank You.
There is no estimated time of arrival from Sony Malaysia, so we do not accept booking of the camera now.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by SAW HONG TAK  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 30 August, 2018
Dear Saw,

Thanks for the compliments & support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Roslina Abdul Ghani  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 29 August, 2018

Do you have a ready stock of Canon WP-DC55 Waterproof Case for G7 X Mark II?

We can get stock within a week. Please place order online.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Alex  Malaysia Dated: Sunday 19 August, 2018
you all should remove all the sold-out items for the product listing.
it was a total waste of my time checking those items, only to find that they have been sold-off.
Dear Alex,

Products that are sold is written as SOLD in this USED CORNER page.

You may use this page when browsing. We moved all sold items to SOLD category, so you may ignore that category when browsing.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Leow  Malaysia Dated: Friday 17 August, 2018
First attempt to purchase from Shashinki:

10/8/18 : Noticed that the price of camera went down compared with last month.
14/8/18 : Placed my order.
16/8/18 : Asked me to top up if I'm still interested to purchase since the price stated was wrong.

It is disappointed as it took so long for you all to notice the price was wrong.
Plus, scam is everywhere, guess no one will feel secure to receive a whatsapp message from an unknown number & ask you to bank in manually.
It's my first time a merchant asked me to top up after few years of online shopping.
Dear Leow,

Our apology for the mistake in pricing. Too many changes and promotions from suppliers recently, and our staffs wrongly calculated the cost and price.

We always ask our customers to bank in money to our company bank account (SHASHINKI SDN BHD). Never bank in to personal bank account.

Once again, sorry for the mistake and disappointment.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by qaiyum jasmi  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 08 August, 2018
i buy PD-CP-BK-3 Peak Design Capture Camera Clip v3 (Black) and received the next day by Gdex. goodjob!
Dear Jasmi,

Thank you for the support!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Seng Whatt Wee  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 07 August, 2018
Good afternoon Dr.Koh.

Do you have ready stock for a new unit Olympus OMD Em1 MkII Black body only.


Wee Seng Whatt
Dear Sir,

We can get the stock and send to you within 2 business days. Kindly place your order online asap.

Thank you.
Replied by,
by Gopal Sam  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 04 August, 2018
Hope you can check your feedback column regularly and filter off spams like the one below

Thanks Gopal for notifying. We do check our feedback section daily, and recently we installed ReCaptcha to reduce spams.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Simon  Malaysia Dated: Monday 30 July, 2018
Love this website. Very easy to order items at a good price and brilliant customer service via. email. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you for shipping my goods to me as fast as you could - I really appreciate it.
Dear Simon,

Thank you for the support and compliments!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Johnny Ooi   Dated: Wednesday 25 July, 2018
Can I purchase your products by installment using credit cards?
Dear Johnny,

Sorry, we do not offer installment. However, we do accept credit card (MASTER CARD & VISA), and you may call your credit card to convert your spending into installment.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Anand Raman  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 25 July, 2018
The sorting option does not work in your website. Very frustrating to comb thru for an accessory that will fit my budget.
Dear Anand,

Sorry about the poor search / sort feature in our website. We are in the process of updating our search system to make it better soon.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Fahmi Bustaman  Malaysia Dated: Sunday 15 July, 2018
I bought my A7 SONY mirrorless on 8 July and received it on 13 July. The courier company was TA-Q-BIN. The tracking showed the status UNDELIVERED on Tuesday and that was worrying. Received in good condition. Other than the delivery process hiccup, i am very happy with the service. Thanks
Dear Fahmi,

Thanks for the support! Sorry about the delay by courier company.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Sim Hang Thiang  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 13 June, 2018
Thanks for my recent order of the used Nikon SB-29 Macro speedlight received with satisfactory .
If it possible please help me to purchase a 62mm adapter ring ?

Your faithfully,
Sim Hang Thiang
Dear Sim,

Can you measure the ring size required by the flash? Can email us at
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Dennison Berwick  Malaysia Dated: Wednesday 13 June, 2018
Please provide alternatives to Paypal - such as Stripe. I used PP for this order ONLY because I did not realize that was the only payment option for internationally billed order that you provide. I will not buy again using PP.
Dear Dennison,

Sorry, we use only bank tele-transfer or PayPal for international order.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Weng Fook Ng  Petaling Jaya Dated: Wednesday 13 June, 2018
I have a Samsung Galaxy Camera. It has functioned well for me, no problems.
I intend to go for a short holiday and would like to service this camera before I travel.

Q1) May I bring this camera for servicing to your site in Taman Flora, JB ?
Q2) Approx how long will it take (days ) ?
Q3) Approx how much will it cost ?
Dear Ng,

Yes, you may send your camera to us. We will check the condition of the camera before knowing the fee.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Seng Whatt Wee  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 07 June, 2018
Good morning Dr. Koh

I have an Olympus OMD EM 1(1st generation) bought from you many years ago, the LCD display malfunction.

Your advice on repairs is very much appreciated. I am from Kuala Terengganu.

Thanks & Regards.

Wee Seng Whatt
Dear Wee,

Currently we do not have LCD part for the EM1 model. Repair will take around 1-2 months, and cost is around RM350.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Chaw Ann Wang  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 26 May, 2018
I made an emergency purchase for 3 items on 23rd May, 2018 to assist in one of my assignment. The items arrived on the morning of 24th May, 2018. As always, Shashinki has done their best to assist customers. Very pleased with your service and business. Thank you.
Dear Chaw,

Thanks for the support and compliments!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by ANAS ADNAN  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 03 May, 2018
Please improve on your website payment system
Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Anas. We currently offer PayPal, Credit Card (Master & Visa), FPX for all Malaysia banks, offline / manual online transfer via M2U, CIMBClicks, PBe, COD via Yamato TAQBIN in selected area.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Tho Nguyen  Malaysia Dated: Friday 27 April, 2018
Hi Shop,

last time a bought a AIPO Analog Series AS-31 Dry Cabinet (31L) with Digital Display in Order # 121637 but now it's not working anymore.
I tried to search for AIPO warranty but dont know where.

Could you help to check where I can bring my cabinet for warranty? i am living in Penang, Maylaysia.

Thank you so much.
Dear Tho,

I have emailed you. Please check.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Elle   Dated: Wednesday 25 April, 2018
Hi, just to drop a little feedback on my order.

I think there's a need to have a bit of an inventory update reflected on the website I placed an order for a black Sony a6300, but was informed that it was out of stock 2 weeks later, and before I placed the order- both my enquiry and the website stated that the black a6300 was in stock.

On the plus side, I got my a6300 (had it swapped to the silver model instead) yesterday and am quite pleased with it :)
Dear Elle,

Our apologies for the wrong stock status online. Some of our customers walk into to our retail store to purchase camera, and we forgot to update the stock online, hence the discrepancy in stock status.

We thank you for your willingness to change to A6300 silver colour. This is a new colour just recently released by Sony for the A6300 model. Hope you like it!
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Tan Boon Ming  Malaysia Dated: Saturday 21 April, 2018
I have purchased a used nikkor 50mm manual focus lens. The delivery is super fast and I am really surprised by it!

However, when I got the lens I am a little disappointed. The lens is NOT what the title suggested.
Anyway, part of the reasons are I didn't ask and research more before I make the purchase, thus I mistaken it as an Ai lens.
Because of that, I can't use some of the functions on my F3.
But, the at least Dr. Koh is kind enough to explain to me which is a big plus!

I hope the staff should label the item correctly next time, especially for the older gears like lens and camera.

p.s. do the store offer trading used gear for another used gear?
Dear Tan,

Our apologies for the mistaken in the descriptions of the 50mm lens. Our staff was confused with the Ai, non Ai and AiS lenses of Nikon.

Yes, we do offer trade in of used items for another used item. Please send your items to us.
Replied by,
Dr Koh
by Ethan Chan  Malaysia Dated: Tuesday 17 April, 2018
I have a technical question
Is Yongnuo Ring Flash14EX can be fit into my Canon 100m Macro Lens and Canon body 550D?
Hi, Yes, It is compatible with your Canon 550D.
Thank you.
Replied by,
by Lim Kok Hooi  Malaysia Dated: Thursday 12 April, 2018
Order # 127842

How long is the stock will arrived? I need to use it on Saturday wedding job purposes. At least get notify update.
Hi, your order has been shipped out on the same day. Please check your mail box for the tracking number, thank you.
Replied by,
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