GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts

GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts



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Key Features

  • 5 x Flat 3M Adhesive Mounts
  • For HERO and HD HERO Cameras
  • Keeps Camera Securely Attached
  • Cleanly Removes with Applied Heat

GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts

The Flat Adhesive Mounts from GoPro are the same mounts included with most HERO and HD HERO cameras. The package includes 5 flat 3M adhesive mounts; these mounts are super-strong to keep your camera securely attached. When it's time to remove the mount simply apply heat from a hairdryer, or some other such device, and the mount removes cleanly.

  • These are the same mounts already included with most HERO and HD HERO cameras
  • This package includes five flat, 3M adhesive mounts. 3M's innovative VHB 4991 adhesive backing ensures the mounts stay put, but can be cleanly removed when heat (eg. from a hairdryer) is applied


GoPro Flat Adhesive Mounts
  • 5 x Flat 3M Adhesive Mounts



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