Godox SB-FW 80 x 120cm Softbox W/Grip (Bowen Mount)

Godox SB-FW 80 x 120cm Softbox W/Grip (Bowen Mount)


SSK # GDX-SB-FW80120

Shopping Point 1.150 = RM1.15

Key Features

  • High quality translucent fabrics, to reduce to a minimum loss of light , and the maximum spread of light
  • Durable aluminum construction with Bowens mount
  • 1-stop inner diffusion and single sheet outer diffusion panel included
  • Travel bag or starage case

Godox SB-FW 80 x 120cm Softbox W/Grip (Bowen Mount)

This is a perfect addition gear to the studio strobes to enhance the performance. Softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving the shot that perfect even lighting needed for the best shots possible. Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away. Outstand the colour and upgrade the shots to new levels or professionalism with a good softbox. It's front diffuser measures 31.5 x 47.25" (80 x 120cm). The Bowens range of soft boxes has been developed to offer photographers the very highest-quality light source at a very modest cost. Their silver interior and shallow construction offer a high degree of efficiency while a translucent diffuser ensures even light distribution.

The large size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots. For a completely even spread of light an internal diffuser has been included to minimise the possibility of hotspots. To ensure easy transportation, a simple velco up carry case is included as well as a speedring and an 'S' type adaptor for immediate mounting to Bowens strobe light. With standard size Bowen-mounts, this great quality softbox able to install, remove and fit right in any studio easily.

Colour: Black + White

Mount : Bowen

Item size: 800mm x 1200mm x 530mm

Item weight: 1.2Kg

Package Size: 820mm x 250mm x 65mm

Weight: 1.24Kg

Package: 80x120cm Softbox

Removable Front Face

Removable Interior Baffle

Travel Bag

Godox SB-FW 80 x 120cm Softbox W/Grip (Bowen Mount)

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