Gitzo GK2500LVLQR Series 2 6X CF LVL 3-Section Tripod

Gitzo GK2500LVLQR Series 2 6X CF LVL 3-Section Tripod



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Gitzo GK2500LVLQR Series 2 6X CF LVL 3-Section Tripod

The Gitzo Series 2 6X CF LVL 3-Section Tripod is a state-of-the-art tripod for location and outdoor applications. Extremely lightweight but stable, this tripod consists of carbon-fiber legs and a very compact, fluid head with features unique for a head this size. Despite a negligible weight of only 6.59 lbs, this tripod can be extended to 67" high and handle a DSLR with up to a 300mm lens, or a medium-sized spotting scope for bird-watching.

The leveling tripod keeps the camera perfectly level and the low-profile quick-release fluid head, with separate tilt and pan actions and adjustable counterbalance system, provides precise control over camera movement. Thanks to a new compound developed by Gitzo with the strength of magnesium, but with 30% less weight, this lightweight head maintains very good vibration damping qualities.

The matte black body and reflection-free surfaces offer good camouflage outside. Gitzo's ground-level set allows shooting as low as 6.3" off the ground. This is a premium tripod that combines very light weight, solid support, sophisticated features and all the functionality you need, in a beautifully designed package.
Features :
  • Fast and accurate leveling system
  • The 1 mm carbon-fiber tube allows a weight reduction of up to 17%, compared to previous Gitzo carbon-fiber tripods
  • The anti-leg-rotation system allows a five-section tripod to be opened in less than 15 seconds
  • Removable rubber leg tips are interchangeable with Gitzo universal accessories (available separately) such as the big foot, long spike, etc.
  • Ground-level feature allows for ultra-low shooting angles, at 6.3" minimum Height
  • The fluid head is strong and lightweight, with separate pan and tilt controls and a fully adjustable counterbalance system that can be turned on and off--it has seven positions that can be customized by the user
Head Type Fluid
Quick Release Yes
Material Carbon fiber
Leg Stages/Sections 3
Leg Lock Type Twist-lock system
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Center Column Type Rapid
Load Capacity 11.02 lbs
Closed Length 30.51 in
Minimum Height 6.3" (16 cm)
Maximum Height 171.5
Maximum Height (with center column down) 67.52 in
Weight 6.59 lbs
Gitzo GK2500LVLQR Series 2 6X CF LVL 3-Section Tripod

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