Gariz XS-CHA7IIBK Leather Half Case for Sony Alpha A7 II - Tan
Gariz XS-CHA7IIBK Leather Half Case for Sony Alpha A7 II - Tan

Gariz XS-CHA7IIBK Leather Half Case for Sony Alpha A7 II - Tan



1 Year Gariz Limited Warranty

Shopping Point 2.200 = RM2.20

Made from high quality genuine leather

Gariz cases are made to the highest quality with the highest quality leather and materials.

Allows access to the battery / memory card compartment

The Gariz case features a unique battery door cut-out which ensures that you can still gain full access to the battery and memory card slot on your camera. This allows you to fully interact with all ports of the camera without having to remove it from the case prior to use. This ensures that your camera can remain protected at all times without you losing the usability or functionality of the device.

Unique "Locking time" system for easy neck strap attachment

The Gariz case uses a locking time connect with a unique "Gun Shot Ring" attachment. This allows you to quickly and securely fasten the case to your camera. Simply insert your camera into the case and twist the locking time connector to securely fasten your camera into the case so you don't have to worry about it coming loose or falling free from the case once it's attached. The Gun Shot Ring allows you to easily attach a neck strap to your camera so you can hang it around your neck at the perfect position so you can always get quick access to your camera and never miss a shot again.

Separate tripod mount

On the metal base on the underside of the case there is a separate tripod mounting screw which allows you to securely attach your camera to a tripod through the case. This hole also acts as a speaker vent for when you're playing back videos on your camera.

Soft inner lining printed with Gariz logo

The inside of the case features a soft, protective lining which allows you to protect the finish of the camera. The soft interior lining features micro-fibres which are designed to gently lift dirt and debris off the camera body to stop it getting trapped and causing scratches on your camera body.

Allows full access to all the Alpha A7 II functions

The case is made to the same specifications as the A7 II to ensure that it provides a perfect fit whilst still giving you complete and unhindered access to all of the cameras ports and dials. This means that you can constantly provide protection for the A7 II whether you're using it or carrying it around in a separate bag. It also means that you can be certain that you'll get unhindered access to all of the camera's ports and dials without the case hindered your use of the device.

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