Gariz BL-LCM9R Genuine Leather Leica M8, M9 & Monochrome Half Case - Red
Gariz BL-LCM9R Genuine Leather Leica M8, M9 & Monochrome Half Case - Red

Gariz BL-LCM9R Genuine Leather Leica M8, M9 & Monochrome Half Case - Red



1 Year Gariz Limited Warranty

Shopping Point 3.675 = RM3.68

Made from high quality genuine leather

The Gariz half case for the Leica X-Vario is a stunning case which is crafted from a gorgeous genuine leather which oozes style and sophistication. The genuine leather case adds a beautiful look and feel the camera body as well as features leathers natural protective qualities to ensure that your camera remains scratch and damage free whilst inside the case. The leather case is complemented with hand-stitching to create an overall look of style which helps your Leica X-Vario to stand out from the crowd.

Features Gariz's siganture "Locking time" attachment system

Each Gariz case features a unique locking system which securely fastens your camera inside the case. Gariz's 'Locking Time' attachment system takes advantage of the tripod mount on the base of your camera and provides a screw bracket which allows you to firmly 'lock' the case onto your camera. By doing this, it prevents the camera from being able to come apart from the case to make sure that it remains protected at all times - especially whilst you're transporting your camera around from one place to another.

Separate tripod mount

As the locking time attachment system uses your camera's tripod mount, the Gariz half case comes with a separate mount which allows you to attach a standard tripod to your camera. The screw bracket allows the tripod to attached to the camera through the case so you don't need to remove the case before attaching a tripod and you can ensure that your camera remains protected whilst you're taking stable, blur-free photos.

Soft interior lining embossed with the Gariz logo

On the inside of the half case there is a soft, microfibre lining which is designed to remove dirt, dust and debris from the camera's body. This helps to prevent dirt and dust from getting trapped on your handset which could lead to scratches and smudges if it's able to rub between the case and camera. The microfibre lining also creates a cushion which absorbs any damage from knocks and impacts and dissipates that damage away from your cameras body. Keeping your X-Vario looking new and damage free for longer.

Supplier in a soft carrying bag and presentation box

Gariz take great pride and care during the creation process of their cases and to highlight this each case comes supplied in its own soft carrying bag and presentation box. This ensures that the case won't get damaged whilst it's in transit to you and it also makes it an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

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