Gamilight Octave 53 Soft Box (White)

Gamilight Octave 53 Soft Box (White)



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Gamilight Octave 53 Soft Box (White)

Octave53 white is 53 cm in diameter approximately 90 times to expand the light emitting area Octagon (octagonal) soft box. Light the light from the Flash reflection at soft box inside of white color, also penetrate the Outer fabric diffuser with internal diffuser, wrap the object in the soft light.

Octave53 white, folded and can be carried at any time convenience and mobility can be quickly set up at the scene in about 60 seconds, and above all, lightweight portrait but something is soft box can make allround an external Flash-only portable combines the functionality of can be made anywhere in the shot subject easily and beautifully soft light. Also octagonal Octave53 can expect a natural reflections of the reflected light, such as catch-lights.



  • Size: Width 530 x height 530 x 230 mm ( storage: 370 x 335 x 15 mm )
  • Weight: 277g
  • Decreasing the Amount: Approximately 1 / 3 to 1 / 2-stage
Gamilight Octave 53 Soft Box (White)

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