Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder
Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder

Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder



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To transform external flash into studio light/strobist with full freedorm of movement and portability. To be used on off-camera photography in both indoor and outdoor.

  • Made from aluminium die cast to deliver super lightweight and total durability.
  • L share mount base increase holding power and improves weight distribution
  • Adjustable hot shoe rail to fit all type of flash sizes.
  • Stainless steel ball head system providing total flexibility and smooth adjustment.
  • Collapsible structure foldable to palm size.
  • Special hotshoe mount with touchless flash contact points feature ensure no malfunction in flash settings.
  • Dual set-up configuration mode.
    • Standard mode, heavy duty and umbrella application.
    • Lite mode, for light and space saving.
  • Trigger mode attachment capable.
  • Precision center placement with diffuse range +/- 5% off from center of umbrella.
  • Modular system design ensures possibility of future upgrade.
  • Maximum load: 1.5kg (Standard mode)


Dimension Weight
Assembled 4.4x17.5x11.7cm 275g
Fold Flat
Lite Mode
4.4x9.9x2.7cm 162g
Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder

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Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Gamilight H1 Flash Bulb Holder