Gamilight Box 50 SoftBox
Gamilight Box 50 SoftBox

Gamilight Box 50 SoftBox



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Key Features

  • For the advanced photographer who requires to reproduce narrow soft light and soft shadows.
  • Deliver soft light effects comparable to Studio Strip Light.
  • Size of Diffuser : 500x400mm
  • Enhanced softness and more evenly with a build-in diffuser.
  • Button on Strap Mounting System. Instant setup within 30 sec.

To achieve a soft narrow light source with less light fall-off and smoother graduation of the shadow definition. To be used on an individual flash for off-camera photography.

Light Loss: Approx. 1 Stop. At flash zoom to 24mm
Weight: 300g
  • 1 unit Box 50 body
  • 1 pc Diffuser 50
  • 1 pc Mount S / L
  • 1 pc carrying bag
  • 1 pc user manual

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Gamilight Box 50 SoftBox
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Gamilight Box 50 SoftBox

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