[SSK FREE GIFT 1] ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart
[SSK FREE GIFT 1] ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart

[SSK FREE GIFT 1] ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart



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ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart

Dedicated ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart for our Valued Customers! Get a FREE ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart with every purchase (any value) at ShaShinKi.com!

– High Accuracy – High Printing Quality – Name Card Size – Easy to Use – free Free FREE!

A dedicated focus test chartShaShinKi Focus Test Chart – uses to check the focus accuracy of your lens and camera.


Order online at ShaShinKi.com and get the test chart FREE OF CHARGE!

For a good / correct focus lens and camera, this is what you will get:


The ShaShinKi Line will be in focus and sharp. :)

To use the focus chart, it is simple. Just place the ShaShinKi Focus Test Chart on a flat table, get your camera and lens and point to the ShaShinKi Line at the middle of the chart at around 45 degrees, make the sure ShaShinKi Line is in the middle of your viewfinder, take a shot.

Notes / Common Mistakes:

  1. Do not shoot at shutter speed below 1/60s (depending on the lens you are using). This is to avoid hand shake/blur.
  2. Use a tripod if your hand is not steady enough.
  3. Use a flash if you do not have access to a tripod.
Happy Focus Testing!

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Wai Hung
just a piece of paper but it is free, no complaint.
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