LEE Filters Multi Filter Pouch

LEE Filters Multi Filter Pouch

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LEE Filters Multi Filter Pouch

This Lee Multi Filter Pouch is used for simple storage of camera filters, not to mention quick and easy access when on a shoot. This pouch is designed specifically for Lee DSLR filters 100mm x 150mm or smaller - when you are fortunate to have several of these up your sleeve, it's difficult to protect them from other objects in your camera bag and to provide quick and easy access while on the move. This wallet does it all - each filter is held in a soft cloth sleeve and the front holds a card which can provide details regarding which filter is placed in which slot - be it graduated neudral density filters, 10 stop ND filters etc.

When you're working with large filters such as the Lee Big Stopper (which is renowned to be fragile), it's best to ensure the best protection for our beloved filters - unfortunately most damage occurs during transit rather than during usage!

This case holds up to 10 filters – 4x6 (100mmx150mm) or smaller.

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