Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set
Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set

Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set

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Key Features

  • Complete Underwater Lighting Set
  • Compatible W/Compact Digital Housing
  • Nano Flash Syncs W/Camera Flash
  • Fiber Optic Cable for Secure Sync
  • Aluminum Tray to Integrate Components
  • 2 Flex Arms for Flash or Light Placement
  • High Intensity LED Focus Light
  • Padded Bag for Storage & Transport

Fantasea's Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set is an underwater lighting kit designed to give you the best possible photos from your compact digital camera and is compatible with any compact digital housing, including Fantasea, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Sea&Sea, Panasonic, Ikelite and more.

The Nano Double Ray set includes a Nano Flash--an underwater slave flash that synchronizes with your camera's built-in flash for more diverse lighting, reduced backscatter and to prevent the shadowing effect caused by a camera's internal flash (especially when accessory lenses are mounted on the housing lens port). The Nano flash operates on 2x AAA batteries (not included).

Also included is the Blue Ray Tray for integrating the different components (camera housing, arms, strobes, lights, lens holders, etc.) of your underwater housing system. A fiber optic cable for a more secure synchronization between the camera's built-in flash and the Nano Flash, is also part of the Nano Double Ray, as is are 2 flex arms for attaching a flash or focus light to the tray. A Nano focus light is also part of this set--a high intensity, ultra compact LED light designed as a modeling light to help the camera autofocus, especially in low-light situations. The Nano focus light operates on 4x AAA batteries (not included).

Finally, a Fantasea padded Pro Bag designed for storage and transport of all the components in this set is also included. Your underwater photos are about to get a lot better. A camera housing is not included.

Nano Flash
The Nano Flash is an underwater slave flash that triggers in sync with the camera built-in flash. It was designed to significantly improve the colors in underwater photographs, as well as to retrieve the light that is absorbed by water. The Nano Flash is recommended at all depths, during daylight and night dives. It also enhances images by allowing for diverse creative lighting opportunities, while reducing the amount of backscatter in the images and preventing the shadowing effect caused by the camera internal flash, especially when accessory lenses are mounted on the housing lens port.
Nano Fiber Optic Cable
Although the Nano Flash features a slave sensor and is capable of synchronizing with the camera internal flash without using any cables in most diving conditions, a fiber optic cable ensures the best synchronization between the camera internal flash and the Nano Flash at all angles and within various diving conditions, especially when photographing in shallow clear water with bright ambient light.
Blue Ray Tray
The Blue Ray Tray allows integrating different components in an underwater photo system, including the camera housing, arms, strobes, lights, lens holders and more. Made from anodized aluminum, this sturdy tray was designed for optimal functionality and ease of operation. The Blue Ray Tray is compatible with all compact digital housings.
Flex Arm
The Flex Arm is a flexible arm made of rugged plastic polycarbonate material, designed for attaching a flash, focus light or night dive to a tray. The flexible design of the arm allows for the light or flash mounted on top of it to be positioned within different angles and distances from the camera housing.
Nano Focus Light
The Nano Focus Light is a high intensity ultra compact underwater LED light. It was designed as a modeling light and in order to better enable the camera auto focus, especially when photographing in low light conditions. The Nano Focus Light features a dim-out sensor which automatically shuts off the LED light whenever a camera pre-flash is fired, thereby eliminating a hotspot in the image, caused by the beam of the light.
Fantasea Pro Bag
A padded bag especially designed for secure storage and transportation of all underwater photo system components.
Weight 6.7 lbs (3.04 kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 3.85 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.6 x 9.0 x 8.0"

Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set

  • Blue Ray Double Tray
  • 2 x Flex Light Arm 11.8" (30 cm)
  • Nano Flash
  • LED Nano Focus Light
  • Fiber Optic Sync Cable Kit for Nano and Remora Flashes
  • Fantasea Pro Bag

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Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Fantasea Line Nano Double Ray Underwater Lighting Set