ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit
ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit

ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit



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Key Features

  • Unique Light Modifiers for Speed Lights
  • Includes Large FlashBender Reflector
  • Includes Small FlashBender Reflector
  • Includes Large Diffusion Panel
  • Includes Bounce Card/Flag
  • Includes Universal Gel Kit and Case
  • Includes 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid
  • Includes Grid Gel Kit
  • Attach to All Standard Shoe Mount Flash

The Rogue Master Lighting Kit from ExpoImaging is a complete collection of light modifiers providing advanced light control for photographers shooting with multiple speed lights.  The Master Lighting Kit includes the innovative Large FlashBender Reflector to direct the light from your flash and a complementary Small FlashBender. Because they are malleable and firmly hold their position, the FlashBenders can be shaped to be used as a snoot or to throw light in any direction, including onto your background. Also included are a Bounce Card/Flag to bounce or shield light and a Large Diffusion Panel which, when attached to the Large FlashBender, easily converts your speed light into a softbox producing a more even, flattering light. Furthermore, included in the Master Kit are the 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid that can produce three distinct degrees of spot lighting, a Universal Gel Kit, which contains a wide variety of colored gels that attach to all standard shoe-mount flashes and a Grid Gel Kit with circular gels that fit inside the Honeycomb Grid. The kit also comes with two wallets to organize and carry the gels and a pouch for the Honeycomb Grid. 

Rogue gear by ExpoImaging is functionally simple, but its innovative design and amalgam of components is ideal for location photographers who need to make the most of their portable speed lights. Each of the components in the kit is compact, packs flat and will easily fit into any laptop case or camera bag. The FlashBenders, Bounce Card and Diffusion Panel are made of high quality, durable nylon materials. The reflective surface of the FlashBender and Bounce Card can be wiped clean and has been tested to be a neutral white, not changing the color of light from your flash. The Honeycomb Grid is lightweight and utilizes molded grids which align precisely and stack compactly. Rogue gels are made from quality Lee filters and printed with the gel name and f/stop loss on each gel. Each component in the Master Kit attaches easily to any standard size speed light without the need of additional straps or adhesives.

Large FlashBender
The included Large FlashBender measures 10" x 11" (254mm x 280mm) and weighs 6 ounces (163g). It is remarkably malleable and sturdy and will conform to any position you bend it and direct and control light as you wish.
Bounce Card/Flag
The included bounce card/flag can be attached to all four sides of your flash unit and used to either reflect light onto your subject or shield light away from it.
Large Diffusion Panel
The included Large Diffusion Panel measures 9" x 8"(229mm x 203mm) and attaches directly to a Large FlashBender and acts as a softbox to produce an even, flattering light when shooting portraits with your speed light.
Small FlashBender
The included Small FlashBender measures 10" x 7" (254mm x 178mm), attaches easily to your speed light, on or off camera, and will conform to any position you bend it and direct light as you wish.
3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid
The included 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid is a uniquely designed stacking grid system to provide 16º, 25º and 45º spot lighting control. Measuring 3.6" x 1.2" (92mm x 30mm), and weighing just 3.5oz (100 grams) with the included strap, the Rogue Grid fits easily into any photographer's bag and is great to use on an off-camera flash to create highlights or background accents. The 25º and 45º grids are utilized independently and the three grids, which stack together precisely, are combined to create the 16º spot. Like the other components of the Master Kit, the Grid system attaches to any standard speed light with its own adjustable Rogue Tension Strap and comes with a nylon pouch for safe storage.
Universal Gel Kit
The Universal Gel Kit contains 14 color gels, 5 correction filters, and 1 diffusion gel that attach to the head of any standard shoe-mount flash via the innovative gel-band and tabbed design. Rogue Gels are made from high quality material from LEE Filters UK and are individually labeled with the LEE Filter color name and the gel's measured f/stop loss value. Correction filters are also labeled with the Kelvin color temperature correction and camera white balance icon. A durable pouch is included to store and carry the gels.
Grid Gel Kit
Like the Universal Gel Kit, the Rogue Grid Gel Kit contains 20 distinct color and correction gels each labeled with the LEE Filter color name and the measured f/stop loss. The Grid Gels are cut to fit the circular design of the Honeycomb Grid complete with indentations to align with the inside of the grid's bezel. The gels fit snugly inside the bezel when the grid is put in place and will throw a colored spot light of 3 distinct degrees to be used as a background accent or for other creative purposes. The Grid Gels come with a padded storage pouch with individual tabbed dividers to keep the gels safe and organized.
Rogue FlashBenders, Diffusion Panels, Bounce Cards and Gels fit a wide range of shoe mount flash brands, including: Canon, Konica, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Nissin, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Quantum, Sigma, Sony and Vivitar.
ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit
  • Large FlashBender Reflector
  • Small FlashBender Reflector
  • Large Diffusion Panel
  • Bounce Card/Flag
  • Universal Gel Kit with Gel Band
  • Gel Kit Wallet
  • 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid with Rogue Tension Strap
  • Honeycomb Grid Pouch
  • Honeycomb Grid Gel Kit
  • Grid Gel Pouch with Dividers

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ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
ExpoImaging Rogue Master Lighting Kit