Ducame 540W BCP Small Photography Studio (Home Set)

Ducame 540W BCP Small Photography Studio (Home Set)



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Key Features

  • A powerful studio portrait Kit.
  • Enclosed wirless radio trigger to synchronous flash lights
  • Stepless output power adjustment.
  • Different main countries adaptor are available.
  • Short recycling time
  • A fuse button lamp back can make lamp use safety.
  • Idea for studios and very easy to set up.
  • Reflector umbrella hole available.
  • Stepless output power adjustment.

Ducame 540W BCP Small Photography Studio (Home Set)

The Ducame 540W BCP Small Photography Studio (Home Set) offering an easy and smart in house studio photography solution, good and sufficient to make essential portrait.It is a very powerful studio kit with enclosed of wireless radio trigger to synchronous the flash lights.

It is an excellent choice as a secondary, or background light. This lighting kit provides a total of 540 w/s with short recycling time. It includes 3 umbrellas for softening and broadening the light output, light stands for support, trigger set and a soft, padded case for storage and transport.
Powerful and professional studio lighting kit  Stand, soft umbrella or box, wireless trigger and other accessories all in one.
Easy to set up, about 10 minutes to build your workshop.

Swift 180w
Flash Energy: 180W
Input Voltage: AC 220-240V  50/60hz
Guide Number: 42 (ISO100)
Recycling Time:0.5s~3s
Coverage: ≥15m
Color Temperature: 5500K±200K
Brightness: 1/8-1/1 (stepless control)
Modeling Light: 50W
Flash Duration: 1/1000~1/600
Triggering Options: PC-sync, optical sensor, test button, wireless remote

3 x Swift 180ws flash
3 x 2m light stand
2 x Soft umbrella
1 x Reflect umbrella 33 inch
1 x Flash light wireless trigger transmitter
3 x Flash light wireless trigger receiver

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