DiCAPac (Korea) WP-711 Underwater Casing (5 meters depth)
DiCAPac (Korea) WP-711 Underwater Casing (5 meters depth)

DiCAPac (Korea) WP-711 Underwater Casing (5 meters depth)

dicapac (korea)


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Test / check each DiCAPac case before use.
ShaShinKi is NOT responsible for the damage of your mobile phones / devices if the DiCAPac case got flooded.

ShaShinKi is the official Distributor of DiCAPac products in Malaysia. We sell only Genuine DiCAPac Products.


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Anytime anywhere! Waterproof down to 5 meters!

Dicapac is waterproof 5m. The appearance and the coral reef that swims in water are taken, and the field of taking a picture extends remarkably. The photograph of power to which an impossible spray hangs also: to one memories up to now. Because it is a characteristic in which the sound is passed, it can challenge underwater animation with the making the best use of high-resolution and the voice ..animation performance.. enough, too.

The DICAPac WP-711 Waterproof Case will protect your compact point & shoot camera when you are using it at the beach, swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling or diving. This is a PVC vinyl housing with a polycarbonate lens. It can be used with cameras that have an internal zoom lens since this is a flat low profile housing. The housing meets JIS IPX8 requirements for underwater usage.

The case is compatible with cameras that have a length of 3.5" (88.9mm) or smaller, and a circumference no larger then 6.7" (170mm).

UV coating lens adoption for zoom
The blot of light is lost, the performance of the digital camera used was drawn out enough, and it is possible to take a picture because the lens for the zoom gives the UV court by a clearer image quality. The lens part can correspond easily even when the lens becomes cloudy in finishing easily detachable.

  • The image quality changes by the performance and setting the camera used.
  • Please do the waterproof test before it uses it. Please check the state of safety at any time while using it.



  • Waterproof underwater housing usable up to 16.4' (5.0 m)
  • Meets standard requirements for JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) IPX8 at 0.5 water pressure (underwater 5.0m), tested for 30 minutes
  • All controls are accessible
  • Ideal for taking pictures in the rain, at the beach, or on the ski slopes

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