DEMB Flash Diffuser Classic
DEMB Flash Diffuser Classic

DEMB Flash Diffuser Classic

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The Flash Diffuser Classic from DEMB can help turn your hot-shoe flash into a lighting instrument as versatile as a studio light. The 4 x 4.25" white Classic Flip-it! reflector is attached using a universal strap to an upward-pointing flash--the reflector is mounted on a hinge that allows you to fix it at any angle, while a front diffusion panel is included that attaches to the Flip-it! strap using touch-tabs. With this arrangement, you can adjust your flash for whatever conditions you encounter--inside, outside, portraits, group photos, low ceiling, high ceiling, etc. This versatility lets you make photos with soft, shadow-free light no matter what the conditions.

For larger hot-shoe flashes such as the Canon 430EX and Nikon SB600
Adjustable-angle 4x4.25" white reflector and front diffusion panel are included
Attaches to any hot-shoe flash (other than a bowl flash, for which there is a special version) with a universal touch-tab strap

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DEMB Flash Diffuser Classic
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DEMB Flash Diffuser Classic