Daisee 77mm Ultraviolet (UV) Haze Digital MRC Slim PRO Protector Filter
Daisee 77mm Ultraviolet (UV) Haze Digital MRC Slim PRO Protector Filter

Daisee 77mm Ultraviolet (UV) Haze Digital MRC Slim PRO Protector Filter



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High quality optical glass is adopted for the production of all Daisee filter. Schott original optical glass is specially used for the professional Digital Multi-Coated filters. The optical glass has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays itself, almost 100% of the light can go through. That means only 0.02% of light is reflected.


None-coated filters are bare glass, and bare glass can reflect about 8% of the light hitting both surfaces of the glass. Daisee 's multi-coated filter decrease light reflection off the surfaces of the glass from approx 8% down to 0.5% , which means multi-coating technology ensures  maximum reflection reduction and thereby eliminates disruptive stray light . In this way, it creates a better image.


Digital Multi-Coating (DMC) of Daisee filter is only hard enough to prevent scratch, but also has dust-proof and water-proof function which can keep liter more clean for a long time.


This effect can be tested by a permanent marker which the ink on DMC will smear and not sticking on the glass surface.


Ultra-precision thinnest frame


Daisee adopted a new design that the filter glass is screwed into a high-precision retaining ring. It eliminates the possibility of loosening and maintain the balance of the filter, and ultimately to protect both the filter and the lens.

Elaborate Packaging


Daisee provides various cases for the safe, dust-proof storage of filters. Its unique design is suitable for carrying and prevents smash, shockproof and compression during the transportation.


Daisee UV / Haze

Absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. A multi-purpose, fine-weather filter for color as well as black & white photos. Also serves as a permanent lens protector.

Daisee Coating

Digital Multi- Coating Greatly Reducing Lens Flare & Ghosting;
8- layer Anti-Reflective Multi -Coating on Each Side;
Water & Oil Repellent, Scratch & Stain Resistant.

Daisee Glass

High Density Sharp Cut UV Glass;
4X Stronger Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass;
Black Rimmed Glass Reducing Light Reflection around Filter Edge.

Daisee Frame

Extra Wide Angle Lens  compatible Ultra Slim Frame, High Quality Precision Machined Crafted Metal Rings.

Reviews Daisee 77mm Ultraviolet (UV) Haze Digital MRC Slim PRO Protector Filter

Reasonable price - you won't get this price for a good quality, and slim filter. convenient as it's free shipping Fast delivery Thanks Shashinki
Vicknesan Ayapan
gets the job done; no-fuss usage and is quite robust too
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