Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop
Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop

Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop

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Key Features

  • Adjustable: 25 to 70"
  • Camera Glides up Strap to Eye Level
  • Sling-Style Design
  • Conforms to Your Shoulder
  • Attaches to Camera 1/4-20 Tripod Socket
  • Rotating Quick-Release Buckle
  • Silicone Strap Backing Prevents Slipping
  • Split Strap Technology
  • C-Loop Works with Most Sling Systems
  • Neoprene Strap / Aluminum C-Loop

The G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop from Custom SLR provides a fast, sling-style way to glide your camera up to eye level. Your camera is held by a silver aluminum C-Loop that screws into the 1/4-20 tripod socket of your camera. Once mounted, a quick-release buckle on the neoprene G1 strap attaches the C-Loop to the strap. This assembly then allows the camera to glide up to shooting position. The quick-release rotates for flexibility and can be disassembled quickly for storage. The G1 is length adjustable from approximately 25 to 70".

Custom SLR utilizes their Split Strap Technology. This design includes splits in the strap that help conform the shape of the strap to your shoulder. This configuration not only helps with weight distribution but assists with venting heat away from your body. The strap is also built with sticky silicone on the back to minimize any slippage while in use. This strap must be used with the C-Loop but is also compatible with the hardware from most camera sling systems.

Split Strap Technology
A split in the strap creates multiple points where the strap conforms to your shoulder. This helps with weight distribution and ventilation
Material Strap: Neoprene
C-Loop: Aluminum
Attachment Method C-Loop: 1/4-20 screw
Strap: Quick-release buckle
Adjustability 25.0 to 70.0" (63.5 to 177.8 cm, approx)
Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop
  • Glide Strap
  • Silver C-Loop

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Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Custom SLR G1 Strap with Silver C-Loop