Cotton Carrier Steady Shot
Cotton Carrier Steady Shot

Cotton Carrier Steady Shot

cotton carrier

SSK # CC-777SSB-94622

Shopping Point 7.340 = RM7.34

The Cotton Carrier Steady Shot is an adjustable aluminum bracket that allows you to support the weight of your camera steadily against your chest by inserting the bottom end of the Steady Shot into the Lexan receptacle of your existing Cotton Carrier Camera Vest.

With several mounting points on its top plate, the Steady Shot is compatible with any quick-release clamp or photo/video head. Two adjustment points allow you to set the tilt and height of the camera easily. With the weight of the camera supported against your chest, you're free to operate comfortably – with fluid movements and the freedom to adjust settings on your camera – for long periods of time.

The rock-solid Steady Shot can support the weight of any DSLR camera, even with a long lens attached. It's perfect for shooting nature, sports, documentaries, or any other project that has you on your feet and moving about for hours at a stretch. The stable platform will enable you to capture crisper shots than traditional handheld operation allows. For certain projects you'll be able to leave the tripod or monopod at home, thereby increasing your mobility.

Note: Requires the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest and a camera mount of some sort.

  • Accepts any 1/4" threaded quick-release clamp or video/photo head
  • No other plates, clamps, or adapters necessary
  • Machined from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum – with all stainless steel fittings – for rugged dependability
  • Makes use of the Cotton Carrier Camera Hub that you own already
  • For Cotton Carrier Camera Vest Systems
  • Takes Any 1/4"-20 Threaded QR Mount
  • Also Accepts Photo or Video Head
  • Chest Support Bracket
  • Stable Operation with Any Camera/Lens
  • Rugged Construction - 6061 Aluminum
Cotton Carrier Steady Shot

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Cotton Carrier Steady Shot
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Cotton Carrier Steady Shot


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