Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)
Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)

Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)

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The black Camera Vest ONLY from Cotton Carrier is a unique chest harness system for one camera that supports your camera eliminating the neck strain usually associated with shooting long jobs such as weddings, sports, public relations and photojournalism. The system is designed for the photographer who carries a DSLR with battery grip. The system comes complete with a camera tether that securely supports your camera and a 10° angled hub. The hub fits neatly into the 1/4 -20 tripod slot on your camera and then slips into the Lexan receptacle in the front of your vest. The Universal Adapter Plate allows customers to go from the Cotton Carrier receptacle directly into their favorite quick release plate or ball head. This is because the angled hub blocks the ability to use quick release adapters. The Universal Plate allows you to do both functions. For additional stability, the built-in lens Stabilization Strap adds another measure of balance and support by holding the lens firmly against your body, preventing "swing".

First, use the buckles and touch fasteners on the vest to secure it around your body. Both the height and chest harness are fully adjustable. The camera tether then attaches to the vest by the use of a D-Ring. The unit's Split Ring attaches to the camera's strap lug and then to the other end of the tether. The entire unit is inter-connected and provides you with a comfortable and stable way to comfortably walk around while having your camera at the ready to shoot. You can also attach the harness as a standalone system when you attach it to, for example, your backpack strap. Just wrap the touch fastener around the strap and you're set to go. The system is backed by Cotton Carrier's limited lifetime warranty against defects.

The Cotton Carrier Camera Vest (635 RTL-S) differs from their Camera Vest for All Camera Types without Side Holster (633 CVP) in that the Camera Vest ONLY comes with a bonus hand strap and universal tripod adapter.

  • The Cotton Carrier can also be used with many popular tripod systems, but you must purchase an optional matching Quick Release Clamp (the Cotton Carrier Quick Release Clamp) or through your tripod's manufacturer - you need to match whatever camera plate your tripod head is using
  • The Cotton Carrier is designed to hold a digital SLR of any size and lens configuration - make sure you are using the proper hub for your camera/lens combination. The included 10 degree angled hub is designed specifically for use with professional series (full bodied) and battery-gripped cameras
  • A side holster is available as an option to hold a second camera
  • The Cotton Carrier Camera System is designed around the 1/4" standard tripod mount thread size that the majority of SLR, Point & Shoot, and camcorders use
  • Although the Cotton Carrier is designed to carry weight loads of essentially any camera and lens combination, providing you use the right camera hub, it is strongly recommend using your camera neck strap as an extra measure of security whenever using your camera under active situations (e.g. mountain bike riding, skiing, hiking)
  • Designed for 1 Camera/One-Size Fits All
  • Includes Hand Strap/Tripod Adapter
  • Eliminates Neck Strain
  • Secure Locking System/Quick Release
  • 1680 Denier Polypropylene
  • Lexan Camera Receptacle
  • Good for Sports, Nature, Weddings
Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)
  • Universal Hubless Adapter Plate
  • Camera Tether
  • Lens Stabilization Strap
  • 10° Angled Hub
  • Rubber Washer
  • Insert Bolt
  • Tightening Tool
  • Hand Strap
  • Universal Tripod Adapter
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    Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)
    Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
    Cotton Carrier Camera Vest ONLY (Black)