Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller
Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller

Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller



Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
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Key Features

  • 7" Touch Screen
  • 1024 Channels/ 2 DMX Universes
  • 4 back-lit encoders for good work flow
  • Editable Effects Generator
  • On-board fixture personality creator

The CODE Mini 1000 moving light controller integrates manual and programmable lighting console operation in a package never before was available.

Designed for a wide variety of lighting applications, the MINI 1000 has all the advantages of compact size, robust programming and playback operation, plus affordability.

The Mini 1000 offers intuitive, hands-on tools for quick programming, playback, and many advanced features required for complex lighting applications .

Mini 1000 supports both manual and fully programmed playback operations which makes it the perfect choice for rental companies & small to medium sized venues that have complex reuirement and diverse needs.

Theatres, televisions studios. Tental houses ans schools will find the Mini 1000 the most affordable, high performance and intuitive console on the market.


Technological Specification :

Total 1024 channels with 2 individual optical isolated DMX outputs

7" TFT-LCD touch screen for operating

Keys take with backlight and highlighr which colours can be changed into red, green or yellow

Offers 4 optical encoders with backlight for details setting

Up to 600 playbacks can be programmed which controlled  by 15 playback faders x 40 pages. Totally 15 playbacks can be run simultaneous.

Maximum 400 units for patching all kinds of Fixtures

Up to 400 Groups

Up to 400 Presets

Up to 400 user-defined shape effects

Up to 400 Macro Shows can be saved which allow to be triggered by external MIDI time code or internal clock

Shortcut area provides a quick way for selecting Fixtures, Groups, Presets, Custom Effects and Macro Shows

Color-mix system provides a palette for users to control fixtures with RGB or CMY channels more comveniently

Shapes Generator provides  various effect which can be modified with different parameters. Users defined shape effect can be saved for convenient call out again.

Provides 5 level procedence for playbacks

Offers attributes times for playbacks

Provides over 8000 Libraries in system . Enables users to edit system library or create custom Library.

Upgrade version and system library are freely offered on websites

an Internal electronic disk allow users to backup show data

USB ineterface allows users to backup shows in external disk

Provide MIDI in and out interface  to connect and work with other concoles

Option Supply : 12V auxiliary light

Power supply : AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Size : 482mm x 445mm x 180mm

net weight : 10KG approx

Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller

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Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller
Estimated 3-14 Days from Supplier
Code Mini 1000 Moving Light Controller