Canon E1 Hand Strap
Canon E1 Hand Strap

Canon E1 Hand Strap



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The E1 Hand Strap adds security to hand-holding a camera, and was designed to be used only with cameras that have a built-in power booster or grip, or where an optional power booster or extension grip has been added.

The strap attaches with one end to the eyelet at the top of the camera, and the other end to the eyelet in the base of the booster/grip.

Compatible Cameras

  • Canon EOS-1V, 1, 1N, 1D, 1Ds, Mark II, 1D, Mark II N
  • Canon EOS-3 with Power Booster E1
  • Canon A2,A2E with VG-10
  • Canon Digital SLR D200D, EOS-10D, D60, D30 with BG-ED3
  • Canon Digital Rebel with BG-E1 Grip
  • Canon 300D with BG-E1 Grip
  • Canon 20D, 30D with BG-E2 Grip
  • Canon Digital Rebel XT, XTi with BG-E3 Grip
  • Canon 350D, 400D with BG-E3 Grip
  • Canon 5D with BG-E4 Grip

Note: Only fits on cameras with built-in booster grip or with an added extension grip.

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Original Canon handstrap. Good quality.
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Canon E1 Hand Strap
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Canon E1 Hand Strap

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