Canon RL CL-03M Camera Bag

Canon RL CL-03M Camera Bag



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Key Features

Canon RL CL-03M Camera Bag

This collection of professional bags and cases were especially made with your Canon cameras and gear in mind. Like any Canon product, all of these were crafted with the same unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

This premium series accentuates your Canon camera in style. Beyond portable and convenient utility, it is complete with distinctive red stitch as well as an elegant selection of materials.

Designed for classic and timeless appeal, these collection of bags and cases are highly functional and created to complement your lifestyle. They are here to deliver ample storage solutions, easy access to equipment, multiple usage possibilites, and a whole lot more. 

Exterior Dimensions

360 x 210 x 155mm (WxHxD)

Interior Dimensions

290 x 190 x 110mm (WxHxD)

Canon RL CL-03M Camera Bag

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