Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)
Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)

Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)


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The Striplight is a lamphead unique to Broncolor. It produces a soft, slim, even light without the bulk of a flash head and separate strip dome.

The Striplight 60 is similar in design to the Lightbar 60 except that instead of a round diffuser, the striplight has a flat panel and side masks, making it more directional. This can be further emphasized by adding a honeycomb grid to the front panel of the striplight.

The Striplight is compatible with many older Broncolor packs, ensuring that equipment will hold its value over many years. A power supply for this flash head is required.

Compact Design
Removeable Reflector
Easy to Control
Includes a tilt lever
Easily Replaceable Flashtube
Features user replaceable flashtube (minor tools may be required).
Removeable Reflector
All Broncolor Striplights may be fitted with barndoors and grids for adjustment of the angle of coverage of the light head.
Fan Cooled
The Striplight 60 is fan cooled for increased protection under the most demanding applications.
Modeling Lights
The Striplight 60 features 2 60 watt halogen modeling lights that burn brighter and last significantly longer than non-halogen incandescent bulbs.
Long-Reaching Cable
16.4' cable is included. Additional 16 or 32' cables may be used for light heads that are in use at greater distances from the power pack.
Flash energy
1 x 3200 J
F-stop at 2 m, 100 ISO
32 1/10
Modelling light
220 V: 10 x 20 W / 24 V
110 V: 10 x 20 W / 12 V
Cable length
1 x 5 m
1 fan
Power packs:
Grafit 2, 4, A2, A4, A2 RFS, A4 RFS, A2 plus, A4 plus,
Topas A2, A4, A8
Nano 2, Mobil
Primo, Primo A, Primo A fashion, Primo 4,
Pulso 2, A2, 4, A4, Pulso G
Opus 2, A2, 4, A4, A8
58 x 12 x 13 cm
3.6 kg
Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)
  • Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution
  • Cable
  • Flash Tubes
  • Modeling Lamps
  • Interchangeable Tilt Head
  • Flat Diffuser

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Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Broncolor Striplite 60 Evolution 3200J (200-240V)

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