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Home » Studio Equipment » Broncolor Senso Kit 42 (2 Head Kit)
Broncolor Senso Kit 42 (2 Head Kit)
SSK Model # BC-31.055.07
Broncolor Senso Kit 42 (2 Head Kit)
Category Studio Equipment
Condition Brand New
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2 Years Broncolor Warranty
Ships within 3-14 Days (depending on supplier's stock)
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Product Highlights
  • 2,400W/s Senso A4 Pack
  • Litos Flash Head (2)
  • Flex 28 x 28" Softbox
  • Symmetrical / Asymmetrical
  • Fast Recycle: 0.4 - 2.8 Seconds
  • 6.5 Stop Range
  • Digital Readout in 1/10 Stops
  • Fast Flash Duration
  • 100 - 240V AC
  • Built-in Radio Receiver
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Broncolor power packs are constructed for peak performance under heavy use. Long-life capacitors, durable components and solid state design ensure trouble-free operation for years.

A company already known for creating benchmark products, Broncolor has turned its attention to providing its legendary features, power and conveniences to a pack which is a fraction of the price of its previously most-affordable pack with the introduction of the 2,400 W/s Senso A4 power back. The lightweight Litos Flash head is an ideal match for the pack, so Broncolor includes one with this Senso Kit 42 - 2 Head Kit.

The Senso A4 provides symmetrical or asymmetrical independent control in 1/10 stop increments of each its three flash head outlets over a 6.5 stop range. As with all Broncolor products, you can expect negligible color shift throughout the whole range with very short flash durations and in the Senso A4's case, recycling times as short as 0.4 seconds.

The sleek design features rubber protective corners and an ergonomic, intuitive control panel featuring push button and rocker control of the pack. The LED readout panels can be set for either f-stops or W/s output. At 15.2 lb the Senso A4 can take to the road when needed. The pack can be triggered by cable and photo cell and is controllable remotely from camera or computer via the built-in RF receiver at distances up to 656' (200 m).

The Litos head weighs 5 lb, has a rating of 2,400W/s and employs a powerful 300W modeling lamp but the Litos can take the heat. It features an intelligent cooling system which responds to pack and head heat. The head's bayonet system gives the Litos access to Bron's extensive array of light shaping tools. An ergonomic tilting head allows easy positioning of the head.

Besides the Senso A4 pack and 2 Litos heads with cable, the kit includes a 16.4' (5 m) sync cable, a 28 x 28" ( 70 x 70 cm) Flex softbox with adapter and a carrying case to store it all.

Maximum Performance on Assignment
Senso unites all the features of a studio flash system in a compact format that is ideal for on-location work. In brief:
  • 3 lamp outlets
  • Maximum output 2,400W/s and just 24W/s minimum output
  • Control range across 6.5 f-stops in full and 1/10 f-stops
  • Symmetric and asymmetric power distribution
  • Short flash duration, short charging times
  • Well organized front panel with digital display per channel and illuminated keypad
  • Output display switchable from f-stops to W/s
  • Lightweight, Easy and Reliable
    Senso power packs can be switched over from symmetric to asymmetric power distribution with a toggle switch. In the symmetric mode, the power pack's full energy can be routed to one lamp outlet.
    Radio Included
    The Broncolor RFS 2 triggering system allows independent flash release in the same studio on 99 units per workstation (max. 99 workstations). This feature eliminates unintentional triggering. All Senso power packs can be triggered via radio over a distance of up to 200 m (over 650'). Additionally, Senso power packs are also equipped with a photocell and can be triggered by any studio flash unit.
    Control Range
    The control range extends over up to 6.5 f-stops, giving the photographer generous latitude in a light design.
    Short Charging Times
    The short charging time of 0.4 seconds at minimum output or 2.8 seconds at maximum output (230V) enables fast flash sequencing of moving models. Senso also features an acoustic and an optical ready signal.
    Senso Shows True Color
    The color temperature of the Senso power pack is constant across three f-stops because unneeded capacitors are switched off.
    Long Service Life
    The heat dissipated by all key power pack components is constantly monitored by the on-board processor. This protects the power pack against overheating and optimizes its service life. The built-in data memory assures that all settings are preserved when the unit is switched off or if mains power is interrupted. In the standby mode and if only the modeling light is used, the power pack fan is disabled. It begins to operate as soon as this becomes necessary after a certain number of flashes have been fired.
    Operating Reliability
    When the output is reduced, the Senso power pack is discharged internally and does not need to be fired. This means that the selected flash energy is always reliably delivered.
    Design Excellence
    For the protection of its circuitry, the Senso power pack is fitted with prominent rubber panels. The housing is made of high quality aluminum. These assets assure that the power pack will withstand bumpy rides in rugged terrain and rough treatment by airport baggage handlers. The design of the Senso A4 combines form and function on a high standard. A design protection patent is pending for both units.
    On Location
    Because Senso power packs and Litos lamps are remarkably compact and lightweight, they are easy to carry along on out-of-studio shoots. Where only poorly fused power outlets are available, Senso can be switched to the slow charging mode.
    The large control range enables subtle light control and the comprehensive line of light shapers assures unhindered freedom in design - ideal prerequisites for creative beauty and portrait photography.
    With a short charging time of 0.4 s at the lowest output level and 2.8 s with maximum flash settings, the Senso power pack delivers fast sequential flashes to capture moving models. Depending on the head in use, flash duration at 1,200W/s is as short as 1/600 second (t 0.5).
    Still and Advertising
    With ample light output and a comprehensive spectrum of accessories; Senso has everything it takes for professional still and advertising photography.
    Litos Flash Head
    The lightweight powerful (2,400 W/s) Litos flash head features an intelligent cooling system, ergonomic controls and a compact design.
    Power Pack
    Maximum Watt/Seconds 2,400
    Photometrics F-stop at 6.5' (2 m) 100 ISO and Litos lamp:
    With Litos reflector f/45 1/10
    With P70 reflector f/64 8/10
    With Pulso G lamp:
    With P70 reflector f/64 7/10
    Flash Duration Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5) at 230V
    Litos Lamp:
    2,400W/s: 1/90 second (1/300 second)
    1,200W/s: 1/80 second (1/600 second)
    Pulso G / Unilite Lamp:
    2,400W/s: 1/50 second (1/150 second)
    1,200W/s: 1/100 second (1/300 second)
    Recycle Time Charging time (100% of selected energy)
    0.4 - 2.8 seconds (200 - 240V)
    0.4 - 2.8 seconds (110 - 120V)
    0.5 - 3.9 seconds (100V) 1,800W/s
    Flash Ready Indicator Visual and audible (can be switched off), signals when 100% of selected energy is reached
    Head Outlets 3
    Distribution Symmetrical / asymmetrical:
    Free asymmetry up to 5 f-stops in whole and 1/10 f-stop intervals
    6.5 f-stops or 26W/s to 2,400W/s (1 lamp) with activated symmetry switch
    Modeling Light Proportional:
    100 - 240V, halogen max. 3 x 300W (Litos head)
    200 - 240V, halogen max. 3 x 650W (Pulso G / Unilite)
    Flash Release Manual release button, photocell, RFS 2 receiver (radio)
    Sync cable (socket)
    Radio Frequency 2.4GHz: 99 workstations, 99 unit addresses, 40 frequency channels
    Operating Voltage 110 - 240V AC
    Circuit Protection Yes
    Fan Cooled Yes
    Auto Dump Yes
    Dimensions 8 x 5.8 x 11.8 (203 x 148 x 300 mm)
    Weight 15.2 lb (6.9 kg)
    Flash Head
    Maximum Watt/Seconds 2,400
    Performance F-stop at 6.5' (2 m) @ ISO 100 with Reflector:
    45 1/10 (Senso A4 with Litos + Litos refl.) 64 8/10 (Senso A4 with Litos + refl. P70)
    User Replaceable Flashtube Yes
    Circuit Protection Fuse
    Cable Length 14.8" (4.5 m)
    Modeling Light 300W halogen
    Protective Glass Dome Yes
    Fan Cooled Yes, intelligent system
    Dimensions 4.7 x 6.8 × 9.6" (120 × 172 × 243 mm)
    Weight 5.1 lb (2.3 kg)
    Mounting For Broncolor 0.47"(12 mm ) bolt, 3/8" thread and Manfrotto (0.63") 16 mm) bolt
    Broncolor Senso Kit 42 (2 Head Kit)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Software Disc
  • Power Cable
  • 2 x Litos Flash Head, Cable, Flashtube, Reflector, Modeling Light
  • 16' Sync Cord, Deluxe
  • Kit Carrying Case with Strap
  • Reviews
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