Broncolor Para 88 D Kit
Broncolor Para 88 D Kit

Broncolor Para 88 D Kit



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Key Features

Reflector with focusing system

Its variable light means that the Para 88 can provide optimum service in practically all branches. Defocused it will illuminate even large sets very uniformly from a relatively short distance. The inwardly directed light reduces the light scattered sideways decisively. The result is that, even in this setting, you can work with high contrast.

By focusing the light source, which is positioned precisely in the centre of the parabola, the beam angle can be drastically restricted. In this form the light from a Para 88 can best be compared with an oversize Fresnel spot.

Strongly directional, rich in contrast, but, due to the 88 cm diameter, not too hard. Perfectly controlled brightness gradients and dramatic 
light control can be readily and quickly attained.

Opens in an instant
The new opening mechanism for the Para 88 provides the greatest ease-of-use combined 
with quick opening. Patents are pending for this product.

Additionally, the light characteristic of the Para 88 can be changed by using one of the 
three diffusers or the textile light grid.

Kobold Para 88 - makes every shooting a success
Unbelievable light variability, low weight, compact, fully compatible with flash and continuous light sources - unlimited possibilities at the highest level.

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Broncolor Para 88 D Kit
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Broncolor Para 88 D Kit

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