Bowens 45
Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White)

Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White)



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This dual-purpose Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White) features a reflective white interior surface. It is backed by a removable black fabric with a silver surface, which provides a soft but highly efficient bounced light source.
For close-up lighting, the silver/black backing can be removed, allowing the photographer to get closer to the subject while lighting through the translucent umbrella.

The unique 10-panel design provides maximum reflectance and an optimum circle pattern of light. The resulting light is perfect for catch lights in the eyes. This size is perfect for portraits of 1 or 2 people.

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Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White)
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Bowens 45" Umbrella (Silver/White)