Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 4 Section Tripod Kit
Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 4 Section Tripod Kit

Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 4 Section Tripod Kit


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Key Features

  • Double safety locks QR plate
  • Constant damping system
  • Bubble level
  • 360°panning range
  • Carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Center column and leg angles
  • Four- section leg
  • Rubber feet and stainless steel spike
  • Expanded function

BENRO Trans-functional Travel Angel Tripod are the most popular reverse folding compact tripod design BENRO has ever designed, featuring the top quality V series BENRO ball head, and engineered imported aluminum alloy leg tubes, Travel Angel Kits consistently receive praise from photographers and enthusiasts around the world. It also comes with an extra short center column that is easily interchangeable with the principal center column, and allows for low-height shooting, especially for those who love doing macro. Now photographers have a new choice, the Classic Travel Angel or the new Trans- functional design. All the same great Travel Angel performance but with the added benefit of a detachable leg which can be transformed into a monopod, the Trans-functional Travel Angel is sure to be a new Classic.

Double safety locks QR plate
The V2 head features double safety locks QR plate system. It is needed to release the lock knob firstly, pull it outward, and then rotate it anticlockwise till release fully the clamp, if you want to remove the QR plate from the head. Someone says it’s a little complicated, but it does prevent the gear, especially heavy gear, like the astronomical telescope, from falling down suddenly and causing damage when removing the QR plate, assuring the security of gear.
The V2 ball head adopts the universal PU70 QR plate, compatible with cameras of all brands and any international standard clamp.
The hexagon and one shape screw can be rotated and locked using the included Allen key or something like penny.

Constant damping system

The big knob with an eye-catching blue ring is BENRO’s iconic design, the constant damping system. It works by rotating the big drag control knob to set a suitable drag (according to the scale) and then locking the drag by rotating the silver disk (surrounded by the blue ring) with a penny or something slice. The outstanding feature is that we can set a wanted or suitable drag in advance according to the weight of our camera and lens, then when we mount the camera and lens on the head, it won’t happen that the gear falls down and get damaged even we don’t lock the head. It’s great, isn’t it? The other thing is that the head has a 40mm diameter ball, ranking the biggest compared with others. The elliptical ball features more excellent locking force and increases the head’s stability.

Bubble level

The 3D bubble level on the head allows for accurate and quick horizontal camera positioning. It helps to easily adjust the equatorial mount, getting twofold results with half the effort. The rubber upper surface on the QR plate increases friction and prevent scratch by metal material.

360°panning range

Coordinating the separate pan lock knob and base scale can make 360°horizontal camera positioning and alignment and accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated.

Carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum construction
The main casting is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and the legs are made of BENRO’s original QIHM-8X carbon fiber material. The high quality material makes the tripod stable and lightweight, which is very important for astrophotography that needed to be done usually under high elevation and dry environment.

Center column and leg angles
The legs of the C2282TV2 can be independently locked into place at 80-degree, 55-degree and 21-degree three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas or at low level.

Four- section leg
The legs adopt new locking system. With only a quarter rotation of the rubberized locking grip can we release and lock the leg, plus the anti-rotation system, the tripod is not only set-up fast but also locking force increased about 20%, improving the stability.
In addition, the legs are dust resistance. The newly designed locking system offers a dust resistance shield to prevent inner lock exposure. When we release and lock the legs, the shield moves up and down to clean dust and sand, preventing them enter the tube. Compared with former design, the ability of dust resistance is increased and there is no need to clean and maintain the locking system.

Rubber feet and stainless steel spike
The expanded rubber pad increases area with ground surface and the texture finish on it largely increase friction. Moreover, the included stainless spikes can be used when shooting on soft ground surface, increasing tripod’s stability. It’s a great design for astrophotography which should be taken almost all in the open air.

Expanded function
The same as other tripods of the Travel Angel series, the leg with blue ring and foam grip can be removed and can convert the tripod into a monopod and a walking stick.

Material Carbon Fiber
Leg Section4
Maximum Diameter28.6 mm
Minimum Diameter18.4 mm
Maximum Height1645 mm
Normal Height1380 mm
Minimum Height
259 mm
Folded Length450 mm
Weight 1.84 kg
Maximum Load 18 kg
Monopod Maximum Height 1705 mm
Lock TypeTwist Lock
  • C2282T Travel Angel Tripod
  • V2 Ball Headd
  • PU60 Series Quick Release Plate
  • Extra Short Columnd
  • Steel Spike Feeet & Tools
  • Wooden Head for Trekking Pole Conversiond
  • Padded Tripod Case with Shoulder Strapd

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Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 4 Section Tripod Kit
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 4 Section Tripod Kit

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