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Benro C2681TB1 Carbon Fiber Travel Angel Tripod + Carrying Bag
Condition Brand New
Shopping Point 6.700 points = RM6.70
Warranty 3 Years Benro Warranty *
Shipping Free within Malaysia (T&C apply)
Availability Ships within 3-14 Days (depending on supplier's stock)


The Travel Angel Tripod is everything that a travelling photographer needs: light, durable and the appropriate height Many tripods are too heavy and the light ones are very unstable and not tall enough Benro has solved these problems with the Benro Tripod It's stable, compact to pack, highly durable and has high-quality finishing The tripod centre consists of 100% magnesium, legs stops and the central column are made from a cast The leg stops can be locked at 30 or 60 degrees, additionally, the tripod legs can be placed over the head for transport That's why it's so compact The central column is fitted with a hook underneath (for additional weight) so that it can also be used from the bottom The ball of the B-series is equipped with a release plate, and a spirit level on the quick release plate

You have a monopod tripod with you at all times
A special feature of the travel Angel Transformer series is that you have a monopod and tripod with you wherever you are You can unscrew the tripod leg with the foam grip and connect the ball head directly to the tripod plate

The carbon tripod C2681TB1 comprises 3 pullouts (4 segments) and is equipped with thet Benro QLS- turning locks The segments can be quickly and easily opened without great effort The 1.72 kg tripod can hold a maximum 12 kg with a maximum height of 1675 mm when the central column is elongated (packing size: 485 mm) The monopod has a maximum height of 1365 mm


Benro 2nd generation QIHM-8X carbon fiber tube is made of 6 layers high density top quality ultra thin carbon fibers in a unique structure of 8 crossed layers known as QUASI-ISOTROPIC. Each layer is laid at different axial direction such that the load is distributed in all directions. The results, minimize weight yet maximize rigidity, vibration absorption and performance. Lab testing has shown QIHM-8X capable to withstand applied pressure to an amazing 134.1kgs before reaching breaking point.
The magnesium die-cast parts add strength and reduce the weight of the tripod.
New Anti-Rotation Leg (ALR) system, which prevents each leg from rotating. Each leg section will not rotate even if they are unlocked. The ALR system allows quick and easy setup of the tripod in less than a minute. Simply unscrew, pull, tighten. As simple as ABC.
https://shashinki.com/shop/images/BR-CENTERCOLUMN.jpg Dismount the hook, and you can reverse the center column for difficult shooting angles. The grooved-design of the column eliminates unwanted column rotation and prevents it from accidental slipping.
https://shashinki.com/shop/images/BR-LOCK.jpgBenro’s patented dust resistance rubber grips offer a unique function not found on any other brand. The rubber grips are firmly attached to each threaded locking collar. Once the locking collar is in its fully locked position, the rubber grip completely covers and seals and gap between the threads and outside elements. The rubber seal seals off dust, sand, dirt and water. In addition, tap lock plastic leg lock bushings provides water resistance for each leg section. Great for outdoor usage.
https://shashinki.com/shop/images/BR-SPIKE.jpg Travel Angle series tripod comes with rubber feet, which is ideal for indoor use, without damaging the carpet, wood floor or marble. Optional stainless steel spike foot is available to ensure better ground stability in soil, sand, rocky cliffs and other outdoor terrains where rubber foot might find it slipery.
https://shashinki.com/shop/images/BR-HOOD.jpgSpring hooks allows you to add stability to the tripod by hanging camera bags or heavy objects onto it.

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Material Carbon Fiber
Number of Sections 4
Folded Height 485mm
Minimum Height 485mm
Normal Height 1385mm
Maximum Operating Height 1675mm
Monopod Maximum Height 1365mm
Maximum Load Capacity 12kg
Maximum Tube Diameter 29mm
Minimum Tube Diameter 18.5mm
Net Weight 1.72kg
  • 1x Tripod
  • 1x Ballhead
  • 1x Quick-Release Plate
  • 1x Carrying Bag