Benro C-298n6 Carbon Fiber Tripod Versatile Flexpod
Benro C-298n6 Carbon Fiber Tripod Versatile Flexpod

Benro C-298n6 Carbon Fiber Tripod Versatile Flexpod


SSK # BR-C298-N6

3 Years Benro Warranty

Shopping Point 4.440 = RM4.44

The C-series carbon fiber tripods are the first choice for professional photographers.  They offer the ultimate strength, lightest weight, fastest action and reliable performance demanded by pros worldwide.  The C-series n6 adopts Benro's latest 2nd generation 8-layer carbon fiber tube technology which is 40% stronger than the 1st generation carbon fiber tubes.

2nd Generation Carbon Fiber Tube

The 1st generation of BENRO carbon fiber tubes utilized a pull and compression manufacturing technique.  With a tube wall thickness of 1.5mm, it provided strength, rigidity, vibration reduction and anti-twisting characteristics that rivaled the best tripods in the business. Upon its release into the market, the 1st generation carbon fiber tripods became very popular amongst professional photographers and serious advanced amateurs.

Employing its strong research and development team, Benro utilizes the latest technology and manufacturing procedures to achieve superior quality products.  Benro was the first company to develop and apply 2nd generation carbon fiber tube technology.  The new tubes are 1.0 mm in thickness yet perform with the highest intensity of strength by incorporating the latest rolling and compression manufacturing technique.  The 2nd generation carbon fiber tubes offer the same strength, rigidity, vibration reduction and anti-twisting characteristics that the 1st generation (1.5mm thick tubes) at 30% less weight.  The tripod's overall weight is reduced by 15% as compared to the 1st generation carbon fiber tripods.

Compared with today's top competitive carbon fiber tripods, Benro's 2nd-generation carbon fiber tubes are 40% stronger in load pressure and 80% stronger laterally.  In total Benro carbon fiber tripods are 60% stronger that all current competitive brands.  The 2nd generation carbon fiber tubes also perform much better under high impact.  Utilizing more fibers and less epoxy, Benro eliminated the brittleness and easily crushed tubes of competing designs.  Independent laboratory testing results indicated that, the intensity of competive carbon fiber tubes had a breaking point of 84.4 kgs, while that of the Benro 2nd generation carbon fiber tube reached an amazing pressure of 134.1 kgs.  Presently, Benro holds the top position for offering the strongest, highest intensity carbon fiber tube technology within a tripod design in all global markets.

Adjustment Leg Angles

Benro tripods provide adjustable leg angle stops.  Each leg can be set to the desired angle (24, 55 or 80 degrees) for convenience and flexibility.  Low angle shooting is also possible by pulling out the sliding stops and setting each leg to the lowest angle stop.

Column knob with wing nut

The wing nut column-locking knob ensures smooth and quick operation when adjusting the height of the center column.

Leg Section Locking System

Benro tripods offer a completely new Anti-Rotation leg system, which prevents each leg from rotating.  Each leg section will not rotate even if they are unlocked.  Quick and fast setup is possible in less time without the struggle of loose or rotating leg section while locking or unlocking the leg section.

Reversible Center Column

The center column can be quickly inverted, offering more flexibility to meet your needs for different shooting angles.  The grooved-design of the column eliminated unwanted column rotation.

Patented Water Resistance

Benro avoids using paper bushings that eventually absorb moisture.  Instead, they employ tap lock plastic leg lock bushings.  They provide a water resistance positive lock system for each leg section.

Head mounting setscrews

Three setscrews, are threaded in the mounting plate, and provide an additional secure mounting of a tripod head.  Once they are secured into place, the setscrews prevent the tripod head from rotating during normal panning or general use.

Spirit Level and Compass

In or out doors the spirit level helps to ensure that the tripod is level.  In addition, a built-in compass provides useful coordinated for recording the exact direction and location that the image was taken in.

Stainless Steel Spike or Rubber Feet

As shooting locations and conditions change, Benro tripods offer screw-in rubber feet or stainless steel spiked feet.  Rubber feet give excellent protection and grip on smooth floors, while spikes ensure better ground stability in soil, sand, rocky cliffs or similar terrain. Both rubber and spiked feet are included.


An increase of stability can be realized by hanging extra weight on the hook.

Closed Foam Grip

The closed foam grip is made from NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) giving a comfortable and firm grip.  On cold days, the cold resistant NBR acts as an insulator between the cold tripod leg and your hand.

Tripod Bags

Benro bags are made of top quality materials, providing great protection for your tripod.

Shoulder Strap and Carry Case

The patented shoulder strap works with the tripod and the tripod bag.  The strap and case are included with the tripod.

1 Carbon Fiber Pipes c2 Angle Adjustment
Multi-layered carbon fiber, guaranteed high strength & durability; excellent vibration absorbance; extremely light weight Flexible and simple angle adjustment
Offset Center Column
Anti Rotation Leg System

Discretionary angle & height, best for macro

Innovational Anti-Rotation-Leg system, provides idividual section rotation, super fast one-hand operation
Spirit Level and Compass
Patented Dust & Water-Resistant Locks

Incomparably convenient for instant horizontality & directions

Effortless maintenance

Changeable Feet
Spongy Cover
Interchangeable rubber feet and stainless steel spikes, adaptable to any surface NBR spongy cover, gives comfortable and firm grip as well as avoiding collisions
Bonus Padded Tripod Bag and Strap
Increases stability by putting weights on the hook High quality and padded material, great value
C-197n6 3-sec 25mm 16mm 1595mm 1290mm 200mm 595mm 1.52kg 4.5kg
1" 0.63" 62.8" 50.8" 7.87" 23.4" 3.35lb 9.9lb
C-198n6 4-sec 25mm 12mm 1610mm 1305mm 200mm 515mm 1.55kg 4.5kg
1" 0.47" 63.4" 51.4" 7.87" 20.3" 3.4lb 9.9lb
C-297n6 3-sec 28mm 22mm 1730mm 1420mm 420mm 655mm 1.81kg 8kg
1.1" 0.87" 68.1" 55.9" 16.5" 25.8" 4lb 17.6lb
C-298n6 4-sec 28mm 19mm 1665mm 1355mm 200mm 535mm 1.83kg 8kg
1.1" 0.75" 65.6" 53.3" 7.87" 21.3" 4lb 17.6lb
  • The tripod
  • Spikes
  • Padded carrying bag and strap
  • Quick-fixing tools (simple wrench and hex key)
  • Manual



Reviews Benro C-298n6 Carbon Fiber Tripod Versatile Flexpod

PROS: This is a very study tripod, externally well built and feels good to handle. CONS: I was shocked to to discover this expensive tripod is dependent on cheap plastic rings to secure the leg grip / tightening / locking mechanisms in the leg. The reason I discovered this, one of the leg sections, would not lock. I unscrewed the leg and found these cheap inner plastic rings, one set had warped. I was on the verge to returning, but a few squeezes here and there seemed to reshape the rings to working condition. I don't know how robust the rings are for the long term, maybe they DO work, but I was somewhat shocked that the key function of this expensive tripod comes down to a few plastic rings that cost less than 50 cents in total! Is there a better implementation? How do other manufacturers do it?
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