B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens
B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens

B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens



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B&W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lenses are the simplest and least expensive method of close-up photography. Have you ever wished that your lens could focus closer than it does? Imagine that you could put a magnifying glass in front of your camera's lens. With B+W Close-up lenses, you can dive into the world of macrophotography with a minimum of expense and with a maximum of confidence. 

Shoot your stamps, flowers in your garden, your jewelry collection and many other items. If you're thinking of insuring your collectibles, why not have a means of doing it without having to hire an expensive pro? Close-up lenses not only give you creative freedom to help show you a world up close that you never imagined, but also serve as a functional and valuable tool to safeguard your possessions.

With B&W Close-up lenses, you can dive into the world of macrophotography with a minimum of expense and with a maximum of confidence.

Close-up Strength for NL +5
With a +5 diopter, the NL 5 serves for the seamless extension of the range provided by the NL 3 close-up lens on a 35mm main lens (up to approx. 1:3.5). If you can tolerate a small gap after the NL2 close-up lens on a 50mm main lens (approx. 1:4.4-1:4), then you enter a little farther into the macro range with the NL 5 instead of the NL 4 (up to approx. 1:2.6).

The filter ring is made from brass, yielding a stronger product. Brass filter rings are also less prone to jamming. In addition, the seal between the glass and filter ring is exceptionally strong giving the filter added strength and durability. The filter is legendary and synonymous with the highest standards of filter production. It comes with a solid 10-year warranty.

Note! B&W close-up lenses are available in different "powers" (diopters)

These lenses can be used individually or in any combination to achieve ultra-close focus
The maximum magnification achieved with these attachments will depend on the focal length of your lens as well as the actual close focusing capability of that particular lens
A +1 close-up lens will allow you to focus your lens somewhat closer than it already does; a +2 close-up lens will allow you to focus closer than the +1; a +4 lens will allow you to focus even closer than a +2
A +1 combined with a +2 will equal a +3, while a +2 combined with a +4 will equal a +6, and so on
Type Close-up
Size 67mm
Grade NL +5
Filter Factor Not specified
Multi-Coated No
Rotating No
Effect Magnification beyond what your lens achieves by itself
Application Nature, product, hobby and scientific photography
Color Temperature Not applicable
Construction Schott Glass
Front Filter Thread Size 67mm
Front Lens Cap Size 67mm
B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens

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B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens
Estimated 3-14 Days Delivery
B+W 67mm Close-up NL +5 Lens