I would like to recommend the BEST camera strap that I have used so far. I am a Nikon lover, but I have to say this...their strap ***** (auto sensored by me... :p ). No point spending $$$ for just the Nikon brand...and end up still having sore neck and shoulder.


Now...here's the magic strap! The Optech PRO strap:



The strap itself doesn't look attractive or luxury. It is made out of thick cushion with buckle type of attaching/detaching system.


This is real good as if you have more than one cam, u can buy just the pro loop strap for your different cam. U don't have to buy straps for each of your cam.


Another advantage of the pro loop system is that the right and left loops are female and male buckle, so you can actually buckle them together without the strap! This can be a convenient hand strap if needed.


When storing your cam, the strap can be detached in seconds, and you save some space in your cabinet or drybox (warning: do not store the Optech strap in your drybox, it will deteriote).




It is kind of hard to believe that the strap works like magic. I have a Nikon 6NY large strap (bright yellow colour with Nikon wording, cost RM70+ in the market). I used it on my F4e, and my neck really hurts. I bought an Optech from my friend, after his high recommendation...now I never look back to the Nikon strap. The Optech pro strap absorb much of the weight of my F4e + lens + flash, and its cushion type material give a very comfortable feel to my shoulder and neck. The non-slip grip on the strap ensures you that u cam won't fall off easily from your shoulder.



Is the buckle safe enough? This is my initial doubt, but after using it for some times, I can assure you that that buckle won't get detach accidentally. It locks tight and safe.


Now the price...is it worth buying? I paid RM22 for a 2nd hand one of the PRO Strap, and new one can be bought at RM55. Still cheaper than the Nikon 6NY strap, and is MUCH better for your neck and shoulder. (US$1 = RM3.799)


I recommend buying the widest Optech strap, as it absorb the weight better and give your neck and shoulder a more comfort feel.


More info at their website: