Olympus OM-1 MD


    This is the first very compact SLR camera in the world. In 70s, camera makers use to design and make their camera in larger and bigger size, until one day, Olympus introduced its first very compact SLR with just 510g and size 136mm x 83mm x 50mm. Many camera manufacturers followed Olympus path introducing cameras that are more compact.


I bought this camera on the 31st October 2000. I bought it 2nd hand. The condition of my OM1-MD is more than 90% new. There are no scratch on the chrome plate, and no dent at all. On the base plate, there are some hair line scratch, but not serious into chrome. Together with my OM-1 MD, there comes with another Olympus F Zuiko Auto-S 50mm F1.8 lens (like new), Olympus Auto 14mm Extension Tube (mint in box), Olympus case (used but no tear off), Olympus front and rear lens caps (some scratch), Olympus body cap (little scratch), Olympus strap (used), Olympus shoe 1 flash adapter (excellent), Olympus 49mm skylight filter, and a OM-1 MD manual (used but no tear off).


    OM-1 is really a very nice little camera. I got attracted by this little camera in May 2000 when a technician in my university brought it alone with him to an outstation work with me. Ha...I almost change my F60D with this little camera (+ some other stuff) (Luckily I didn't...as I LOVE my F60D). No doubt this is a very nice camera, but not as good as my F60D (Ha...just my personal feel...). I now pay not much money for this little camera...and I am quite satisfied with what I pay for it (and the accessory comes with). However, I got cheated by the technician as he promised to give me a Olympus Auto 7mm Extension Tube, but end up no. I am still not very happy with this...although I manage to get a filter, rear lens cap and a body cap from him later. I still feel like being cheated...you know, after paying money...and no stuff later...


Olympus OM-1 is a camera that still favor by many people around the world, due to its compactness and solid body, etc. OM-1 is a fully mechanical camera like Nikon FM2, the battery inside this camera is just for the metering system, which mean that even if the battery die out, one can still use every functions of the camera, just that he/she has to determine the metering value by himself/herself. Ha...with little experience, this shouldn't be a big problem...ha...or using Sunny 16 Rules (in sunny day, with ISO 100 film, metering at sky and half landscape, the metering value should be 1/125s at f/16). Ha...this is also a way to check if the metering of your camera or about to buy OM-1 metering system is still accurate.


      One very nice feature that OM-1 has over Nikon FM2 is the mirror lock up function. This feature is important for close-up photography and astronomy photography. Ha...mirror lock up can minimize the vibration of the camera to its minimum effect by avoiding the damping of the reflex mirror to its original position after clicking. Ha...sincerely, other than this, sincerely I still think Nikon FM2 is better...and although FM2 doesn't has mirror lock up feature, one can still use the self-timer to lock up the mirror. Ha...just comparing...


25th January 2005: Just before coming to Year 2005, I bought myself another OM1. I miss the OM1 that I sold off last time, and now glad to be the owner of another OM1 (Black this time). Together with the Black OM1 that I bought is a Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 lens and an original Olympus leather case and strap. Just before I receive my new OM1 set, I manage to find another deal of a Zuiko 50mm f3.5 macro lens. Today I snap some photos of my new toy...sharing with the OM lovers around the world :-)




Full Specifications of my OM1-MD is as follow:

Camera Type 35mm Single Lens Reflex with focal plane shutter
Film Format 24mm x 36mm
Standard Lenses
50mm F1.8 F Zuiko Auto-S 6 elements in 5 groups
50mm F1.4 G Zuiko Auto-S 7 elements in 6 groups 

55mm F1.2 F Zuiko Auto-S 7 elements in 6 groups

Lens Mount OLYMPUS OM Mount, bayonet type, rotation angle 70°, flange back 46mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 45cm (17 3/4") with all standard lenses
Lens Accessory Size 49mm threaded for F1.8 and F1.4 lenses; 55mm threaded for F1.2 lens
Shutter Focal plane shutter, ring mounted control, with speeds from 1 to 1/1000 second plus B
Self-Timer 4-12 second delay lever type; can be stopped and reset after actuation
Exposure Measurement Two highly sensitive CdS cells located on either side of the eyepiece provide through-the-lens open aperture light measurement. Zero-method with needle visible in viewfinder. On-Off Switch located atop camera.
Exposure Range EV 2-17 (ASA 100 with F1.4 lenses; 55mm thread for F1.2 lens
Battery 1.35volt mercury battery (Eveready or UCAR EPX625, Mallory PX625, or equivalent) 
Film Speed Range ASA 25-1600
Viewfinder Pentaprism type wide-vision finder shows 97% of actual picture field; Interchangeable focusing screens; Visible exposure meter needle
Viewfinder Magnification 0.92X at infinity with standard 50mm lens
Viewfinder Apparent Field View 23°30' & 35°
Focusing Screens 1-13 Microprism/split image-matte type provided. Interchangeable with any of 11 additional screens
Reflex Mirror Oversize, quick return type with mirror lock-up control
Flash Contacts FP·X switch type contact
Flash Synchronization
With electronic flash (X) 1 to 1/60 sec.
With class "M" bulbs (X) 1 to 1/15 sec. 

With class "F" bulbs (X) 1 to 1/15 sec. 

With focal plane bulbs (FP) 1/60 to 1/1000 sec.

Hot Shoe Socket Built-in. Easy to attach Accessory Shoe 1 available
Film Advance (Manual) Ratchet type film advance. May be advanced in one stroke or several short stokes for a total of 150° rotation, pre-advance angle 30º. Built-in prevention against double advance with double exposure override capability.
Film Advance (Motor Drive) With Motor Drive 1 unit attached, single-frame and continuous advance at speed of 5 frames per second (at exposures above 1/500 sec., with fresh batteries and at normal temperature and humidity)
Exposure Counter Progressive type from "S" (Start) to 36 and "E" (End). Counter automatically resets to "S" when camera back is opened.
Film Rewinding Rewind crank with automatic-resetting rewind release lever
Camera Back Removable hinge type. Interchangeable with Recordata Back 1 and 250 Film Back 1

Dimension & Weights

136mm x 83mm 50mm (5-3/8" x 3-1/4" x 2") : 510 gram (18.0 oz.)