Minolta TC-1 Camera


I owned this camera long time ago...if I am not mistaken, should be in Year 2004. Bought it second hand from friend at www.PhotoMalaysia.com.

It is a real GERM tiny camera with full metal solid built. Fixed 28mm lens at f3.5 aperture. Limited edition from Minolta that is highly sort after by collectors and professional photographers around the world. New one can go more than USD700 now.



Aperture selection is manually via a slide button next to the lens from f3.5 to f5.6, f8 and f16. Personally I prefer this kind of manual selection as it is fast and easy to use!


Yes, double boxes packaging!



Very neat and nice arrangement of the manual with form under it.


View of all the items included:

  1. Minolta TC-1

  2. Strap

  3. Camera Case TC-1 (genuine sheep skin leather!)

  4. Manuals + extra documents



Hard to find one nowadays. The one that I used to have is not mint but having some scratches on the front. The main reason I don't keep it as I prefer a better condition TC-1 for collection (might not be able to get one any soon...as it is so rare now...)


Hope you enjoy the photos above!